Birthday (18) and Update

A little late, but here are some more photos for my birthday.

My friends bought me some macarons from Zumbos, and then I also decided I'd buy a few more for my grandmother, and so I pooled them all together and took this photo last night. (I forgot to upload last night, sorry!)

First time I've ever had Zumbo macarons!
And I came home to find that my parents had also bought me a small bouquet of roses, which was very nice and I enjoyed thoroughly.

I still need to go to Eden gardens soon.

Life has been very busy as of late.

I've been rushed and piled onto by interviews and organising/preparing for those, as well as birthday organisations and the like. My desk is still a mess and I've got photoshoots to organise, applications to fill, and just generally a thousand things to do and I'm scared I'll miss something along the way.

The stress is piling up and it's ironic because I'm feeling more stressed out now than I am during exam period. Now isn't that something?

I think I've just been all over the place (literally) in the last few days and I'm struggling to keep up with this fast paced lifestyle. I really just want to relax a bit for a few days and get everything back into shape, but I just don't have the time right now.

Perhaps it's my introverted nature peaking out again, though I always saw myself as a bit of a mix between introverted and extroverted. I just need some time off to sort things out because all of this is taking its toll on me.

My birthday has been great so far, though! I've seen a lot of familiar faces again, which is great, and to be honest, my birthday hasn't exactly had a single 'day' this year. I've got several things organised and it's sort of just a mixture of events which I'm all very looking forward to.

Anyway, my schedule is very, very jam-packed, and thinking about it makes my head hurt.

There are so many things I want to do but I haven't found time to do so because of the sheer amount of things I've got on my plate.

Books to read, things to organise, things to buy, photoshoots, ideas, long-overdue-to-dos, movies to watch, and many places I want to go, yet they'll have to wait because time stops for no one.

To top it off, I've been hit by a wave of new feelings of nostalgia from IBO -- not only from the happy birthday videos they've been uploading but also the new IBO video that was uploaded (coincidentally) also around this time, which features myself hugging several dear, close friends. This was new footage I'd never seen before and seeing it for the first time really was a tear-jerker.

I'm not exactly complaining; I'm just tired. I'd rather have a busy life than an uneventful one, to be honest. I just don't want to keep up with such a demanding lifestyle -- there's always too much.

I'll be alright though! I just need a few breaths and give it some time and I'll have pulled my schedule back together. Hopefully within the next two weeks I'll finally have time to clean up the HSC-pigsty that has now become my study desk.

Anyway, update will likely come soon (I anticipate the 8th, because I'm going somewhere then).
Till then, have a good time and take care.


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