Bowral trip

As y'all know, went down to Bowral a week or so ago to explore the amazing area and see sights I never thought I'd see (and learn things I never knew I never knew)

Wow, I know, churning out the videos recently. Well, that's what you do when you find yourself on University break with nothing to do at home (though, I should really clean that desk up... Eh, I'll do it next year).

Funny, I feel that this year I've done a lot more video than I have photography. To be fair, at the beginning of this year I had the wish (goal?) to get myself more into videography and the like. Work a bit on editing, and what it means to make an 'interesting' and captivating video.

Though, honestly, most of the time my videos just end up being footage of my friends and I mucking around in new places, and really just a montage mash-up of snippets from my own life, which I understand is not the most interesting to most people.

But more often than not, I make these videos for myself and for my friends & family. There's something that always brings me back to watching our old videos -- it holds memories and reminds us of what a great time we had, which we've often forgotten.

Though to this day one of my proudest was probably the Vivid Sydney video (though, Cairns was decent too!), each time I finish a video there's still that feeling of accomplishment... Especially after sitting for hours staring at a computer screen, furiously clicking to try and edit it ASAP.

There's a splurge/rant waiting to be made about video making/editing, but we'll save it for another time. In the meantime, enjoy the waterfalls.


  1. Aw love this video! Looks like you had heaps of fun. :)



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