Anyone who knows me is aware that I often do not put my birthday on my Facebook profile for all my friends to see. The reason for that is because in doing so, many people end up posting meaningless 'Happy Birthday' posts when the fated day arrives, and honestly, half of them don't mean anything.

Most likely, we've hardly talked in the last year (both online, and in real life). I always questioned the point of half-hearted "hbd" posts.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate birthdays. In fact, I love them. Every birthday I'm reminded about how many fantastic people there are around me and how dearly I ought to hold them to my heart. Each year I'm reminded that a birthday is a celebration of your existence, and though some may label it as 'egotistical' or 'self-centred', I'm proud to say that I am glad for my own existence.

It's just that I don't see a point in such celebration if it doesn't actually come from the heart.
I mean, if I didn't exist, then I wouldn't be able to eat food and that'd be a real pity.
Sakae Yakiniku House (Japanese BBQ @ Eastwood)
When a group of friends or family message you, or celebrates with you, on your birthday it really is a big reminder that I'm so lucky to have these people in my life. 

I'm glad that I can wake up and know that there are people who care about me and also think it's worth their time to celebrate my existence. Now, doesn't that mean something?

I'm reminded that in celebrating my existence, we mustn't forget what made me who I am. What makes each of us who we are is not rather, 'ourselves', but those around us.

I would not be the person standing here today without my friends or family, and sometimes it's incredible to think that.

As a child, birthdays were entirely fun. They were times for presents, cake, celebrations, and being spoiled. (Flashbacks to my best birthday party; 2004 I had a jumping castle party. It. Was. Amazing).

But as we grow older it becomes less of that. It becomes a day to reflect on your own person and to be made aware of how incredibly lucky you are to exist as you do today. How honoured you should feel to have such great friends who take the time out of their own busy lives to celebrate your existence. And most of all, often how grateful we should feel about being able to live such a great life. (Unless, of course, your life is currently at a low and perhaps then this may not be the time to celebrate in this manner.)

Birthdays no longer mean a 'change in age number' but somehow as I grew older they started to mean so much more.

In a futureme.org email I wrote myself in on my birthday in 2012 (at the time I was 15), I wrote
"Anyway, sort of sad that I'm turning 16... Don't want to get old. 16>15 you see."

A number is just a number now, and there's so much more that lies behind a birthday.

[Also as a side note, I recommend you all to try out futureme.org. It is, most definitely, one of the most refreshing things that happens on occurrence throughout my life and I really enjoy reading past letters that I write to myself. It's marvelous how much you change, and how cringe-worthy your past self can be. I guess it's some sly reminder that we're always growing and bettering ourselves!]

So despite feeling terrible (a big hit of influenza), pretty much doing no study the entire day, and eating three cakes in one day (I know, I know), my birthday was pretty awesome. 

Why? Because I looked around and I realised that I'm so incredibly lucky to be blessed with such wonderful people in my life.

And, such wonderful cake.

(Seriously, though. This was such a good cake. Like, no joke. It was amazing. Amaze-balls).
Raspberry Yoghurt Cheesecake. Absolutely fantastic (and believe me, I'm not usually one for cake but this was heavenly).
You can get one from this website.

In another quick note, exams are coming up soon (less than a week!) and I'm starting to buckle down. A lot of work to do, but life should get a revamp once they're over. Till then, take care of yourselves!


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