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Spiders are pretty incredible, don’t you think?

I could talk about how their patience and determination is a metaphor for life, but that’s just picking at straws and making it unnecessarily meaningful (my English teacher, Ms S, would be proud). To be completely honest, I just think they’re pretty awesome.

Forgot how difficult it was to take macro photography.

I dug out my macro lens for the first time in like, a century, and decided to actually spend some significant time taking photos in the backyard today. Not only was it fun to get in touch with my creative side (it was starting to collect dust in the corner of my brain, really), but I was able to show my brother the awesome wonderful fantastic amazingness of biology!! And how badass spiders really are.

Incy wincy spider climbed up the water spout
With a lot of technology and increasing influences of computers and television, a great proportion of my brother’s childhood has resorted to ‘facing screens’. Although that is not necessarily a bad thing (there’s immense potential in using technology, and let’s face it, technology is here to stay and will only continue to grow in the years to come), the act of ‘watching’ is much different to the act of ‘doing’ and ‘exploring’. One of the best things about today was almost being able to pin-point the exact moment my brother’s curiosity exploded. There’s something quite captivating about a young child exclaiming ‘Woah!! That’s so AWESOME’ and showing such genuine interest in something. It’s a feeling I miss, but it’s a sensation that resurfaces every now and again, even in myself (as it did today).

I’m not entirely sure what I’m saying, really.

It was just great to bond and to see my brother be so interested in something that I’m inherently also super-interested in. Brings back the memories of the good ol’ times when I would spend hours just looking at insects.

Check out this awesome moth that we found on the underside of a leaf
Ant picking up a sugar crystal!

Okay, now for the update.

So life suddenly took a turn for the busy and I’ve found myself starting to feel the pressure and the stress. But I’m determined to try and not let it get to me.

With the end of the year soon approaching, there are a lot of responsibilities to tend to, especially with new MedSoc responsibilities on top of work, exam stress, and trying to sort my life out. Phew, I need all the help I can get. I’ve been trying to organise a heapful of things and with the looming exams and pressures of being official ‘photographer’, I’m starting to second-guess my abilities.

But this isn’t the first time I’ve felt these feelings of impeding anxiety – they’ve come many times before, especially in the last year, and in the end I’ve always managed to get through them. I guess that’s how I reassure myself that things will be okay, because history and the past has shown me that it has been okay all those other times.

Looks like one of my old photos... Hm.

Recently I’ve also been trying to get back into photography and rediscover what makes me tick deep down. Today I took some time out of my schedule to take some ‘stress relief photography’. Though, arguably, it did mean I heaped more on my plate, I have no regrets. It’s been such a long time since I’ve felt this way about photography, so like I said, I’m taking the baby-steps to rediscover a passion.

Things are getting difficult and getting hard, but that’s alright. Life isn’t made easy, but it means I’ll have to prioritise and find out what matters to me, so in the next three weeks I may not find the opportunity to update this blog, but I’ll return.

Busy busy busy, but we gotta deal with it. Will be back soon!

Sometimes I feel like that ant
Have a great next few weeks. Stay hydrated, take care of yourself, and enjoy.

-- Manj

“Someday somebody’s gonna make you want to turn around and say goodbye. Till then baby, are you going to let them hold you down and make you cry? Don’t you know things’ll change, things’ll go your way if you hold on for one more day” – Wilson Phillips, ‘Hold On’


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