Five Things I Love About Museums

Something that I only recently discovered about myself was how much I loved museums. Something about these places always captivated me when I was younger (many hours were spent) but I never really paid any attention to it till recently. My friend uploaded a few Instagram photos of herself and a friend at the Australian Museum, and seeing them kindled a new fire, I suppose?

So, as a very, very, late birthday present for my friend RA last week, we went out to the Australian Museum on a wonderfully bright and sunny Thursday.

My brother also tagged along, because
1. Museums are where curiosity is aroused (and that, I believe, is a necessary component in all children)
2. Someone had to watch him for the day (i.e., babysitting)

Happy accidental portraits on the bus

But, of course, before we dived head-first into an exciting and tiring day at the museum, first a meal! We decided to head to Chanoma in the city, which I've frequented in recent times. Between the two-and-a-half of us, we ordered a bit too much food...

Pictured: matcha frappe, teriyaki dog, and chilli & garlic chips; on-top of this (unpictured) was a matcha-oreo frappe, two creamy shrimp hot dogs, and teriyaki chips.
Needless to say, we learned our lesson. Leaving unfinished food on the desk was a sad moment but it was either that or our stomachs would explode. It was absolutely yum though!

Finally, time for the museum, via a brisk walk through Hyde Park -- which, might I add, is a lot more beautiful than I ever noticed. A picnic there on a sunny day would make a day complete. The museum came into view.

My first thought: 'It's the museum!'
My second thought: 'Holy smokes, that sandstone architecture though.'

Five Things I Love About Museums

1. It's a great day out.

One thing that surprised me about the museum was how cheap the tickets were. I know, that's not the entire point of the museum, which is why I'm putting it first so I can get it out of the way. I was here anticipating $40 tickets, but pleasantly surprised when I was faced with an $8 concession ticket... And my brother's free-entry-for-under-16s! 

For such a great day out and time-killer, I never expected it to be so affordable.

The first exhibit we saw.
'They even made fake bird poo!'
But I guess that means the Government subsidises it, which is great, but also to an extent concerning. I hope the reason it's subsidised isn't because there aren't enough customers, but rather because museums are an important part of culture. Just like the Museum of Contemporary Art (which, might I just add, I'm due to visit again).

Look at that beak
Either way, it was affordable, so y'all ought to check it out if you have time too! Also, a shout-out to the Rock & Mineral exhibit on the second floor; many puns-making opportunities lie there.

2. Curiosity is strong

Bringing my brother to the museum was a sight. Seeing him 'WOAHHH' at every exhibit was incredible.

Museums have that ability to make you wonder. You stand there, looking into an exhibit at things that you never knew even existed in the first place. It's inevitable that your mind starts to be amazed and a bajillion questions pop into your head.

For instance, this display was accompanied by a note:
'Grey Falcon with Mallee Ringneck Parrot skull attached -- the Falcon ate the Parrot but the Parrot hung around for a lot longer'
Incredible, innit?
I think it's an incredibly enriching experience, especially for the children there, which makes sense why kids under 16 receive free entry.

And even I, at the ripe-old-age of eighteen (ancient, I know), found it interesting. It's only been a matter of a few days but I'm already missing the quiet, mindful stimulation of the entire building. Maybe I'll return soon.

How amazing are these abnormal eggs?! Especially the one on the left.
There were plenty more; pink eggs, worm-shaped eggs, eggs-in-eggs...
Curiosity has always been something that's played a big role in my life -- or, in fact, humanity's life. Curiosity is what makes you search for more, ask questions, find answers, and grow. Curiosity is that inside urge and thirst for knowledge, and if I got to choose a few characteristics to preserve throughout my entire life, 'curiosity' would be high up on the list.

3. Opportunities to learn

Yes, learning.

I never liked school too much as a kid. School itself wasn't that great -- the structure of it, the little faults and problems of the entire system, etc., often made it quite a dampening experience. But every day I still woke up with excitement and loved going to school, and one of the reasons for that was because I loved learning.

Granted, despite its faults, the education system did offer a source of learning for me.

Call me a 'nerd' if you will (which, might I add, should never have the derogatory connotations that those primary-school-bullies always placed on it), but an opportunity to learn something new is incredibly stimulating. This museum -- this single building -- hosts a wealth of knowledge that I never even knew existed.

As the wise Pocahontas once said, "You'll learn things you never knew you never knew"
And I think that in itself -- the opportunities and potential to learn -- is a strong enough reason to make museums a great place to be.

4. The peace and quiet

Museums aren't a very popular place. It's an unfortunate reality, but let's try and take advantage of that, then. It's quiet -- people are too busy caught up in their own minds and thoughts and amazement as they roam the polished wooden floors. For once, being 'caught up with yourself' is a good thing.

If you're looking for a quiet place to be -- away from the loud noises of the city and constant disruptions, then the museum is your home.

Especially for the introverted ones out there.

(As a side note, I'm currently reading 'Quiet' by Susan Cain, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like a fresh, new perspective and learn more about introversion)

There's something quite satisfying about roaming empty halls and massive rooms, with all these exhibits laid out in front of you. Peace and quiet as you take in the surroundings and see amazing displays.

Silence -- or, well, 'quiet', since 'silence' is such a rarity now -- is one of the most relaxing things I've found. It's weird that the absence of stimulus can be equally stimulating. Pretty awesome, hey?

Okay, lucky last.

5. Wow

The 'wow' factor.

There's nothing quite like gasping 'Woah...' or 'Oh my god' every time you turn your head to look at a new display. As far as I remember, that was me.

And let's not forget that the museum itself is a work-of-art already. Not only in terms of design (so much natural light!) but also the fact that it's almost two-hundred years ago (constructed in 1827).

Gems, gems, gems
These exhibits have things that you've never seen in your life before. Things that you never even knew existed are on display for you to gawk at and learn about.

So much effort has gone into finding the most curious and interesting objects for you to look at, and often you find yourself promptly amazed by it all.

I really don't know how to express it. I hope it's not just me, but I genuinely found these exhibits some of the most breath-taking things I've seen in a long time.

I mean seriously, LOOK AT THAT BUTTERFLY.
Unfortunately, we soon had to leave the museum because of other commitments, so we didn't have the chance to fully appreciate it entirely. There were plenty of signs that were left unread and things left unseen because we had places to be.

But, we all know what that means. It means we'll just have to return another day (which, I'll be glad to do). 

Opal embedded in rock
I don't know why I put so much effort into this post. I really ought to be studying (my assignment... is almost complete!) and also writing up some work, and completing my To-Dos, etc., etc., (it never ends, does it?), but instead I'm here typing up this blog post about museums.

Hm, I never thought my life would lead up to this.

But I guess it's all worth it, because after all, museums are truly great places to be, and I had only wished that someone had told me that earlier so I would have visited this place more. Maybe it's just me, but I do love museums, and it's definitely going on my list of 'Peace places' -- more on this topic another day, maybe.

Long story short, I went to the museum with two of my favourite people and I was amazed. Y'all should go.

Flashbacks to Jurassic Park
Take care, and remember, I'm not endorsed by Australian Museum.................. yet.


  1. I love love love museums! I think you captured the essence of it really well and your brother is so cute! The dinosaurs are my favourite :) xx

    1. Thanks Clarissa! You ought to check it out yourself :)
      PS nice blog, and best of luck for the Fashion and Beauty society role you're gunning for! :)

  2. Aw I've forgotten how great museums are - but I find that you can only go with certain people because sometimes people don't understand and they just get on your nerves when you want peace and quiet. Thanks for inspiring me to actually take myself to the MCA and the Australian Museum at some point over the massive uni break! :)

    1. Yes definitely! You do need to find the right people to go with :P I guess museums aren't for everyone, haha. BUT YES you must definitely check them out in the break! They're both super affordable and a great place for reflection and/or just chilling out :) (and you should blog about it too)



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