Food, Rock-climbing, and an Update

WARNING: This post has no real aim or hypothesis. I guess it's invalid(?)

There's nothing like a nice, relaxing meal after a difficult photoshoot.

After finishing two photoshoots in under 3 hours (in hindsight, probably should have allocated more time, but oh well, I'll just reflect on it) it would be fair to say that we (CL and I) were thoroughly exhausted. Especially since the rain decided to start whilst we were wandering around lost on Cockatoo Island with bags of clothes.

So, as a treat to ourselves (and a quick catch-up session) we went to Chef's Gallery near Town Hall. I've been a few times before, and it's one of the higher-class Chinese restaurants that I've been to before.

For the first time, I sat near the windows where you can watch the cooks do their thing.

I can't help but feel the 'zoo' vibe.
As per always, I ordered one of their popular dishes: nooooooooodles!

Wonton noodles

We shared a bowl because of reasons:
1. Money
2. We wanted room for desert (of course)

So afterwards we legged it to Aqua S because CL had never had it and I was curious to see their new flavours (Strawberry Cheesecake was rid of! :( This greatly saddened me)

Instead, we tried Mango Orange (not 100% sure if that was what it was called. I don't really remember)

Then, time came for me to go rock-climbing at Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym.

Recently been quite into rock-climbing. I always quite liked it -- I still remember the first time I went rock-climbing. It was in China (in hindsight I question the safety of it) and it was just out-door. No one else was climbing, and for some reason my parents managed to convince me to give it a shot, so I did.

I climbed about 1/3 to the top before I looked down and saw how high I was. Consequently, I freaked out and screamed I wanted to come down. (It was really high, alright? At least, that's what I tell myself...)

But, I kinda liked it. I've been a few times since then (e.g., school sports, for fun with friends) and I've come to realise that rock-climbing is actually such a physically-demanding recreational sport (as are many -- there seems to be a misconception that they aren't, and I'll admit, not all recreational sports are physically demanding, but there are a few which are.)

Shout-out to MK for the photo and for the encouragement when I couldn't get pass this one stupid climbing route
(I vow to conquer it)
I always come out from rock-climbing all bruised and battered. Over time I've come to realise that I bruise really easily -- not exactly sure why that is. Oh well, just add them to the battle scars.

Hopefully I'll be able to climb more often because it's a decent price and a really great thing to do weekly, especially with stress piling on surely albeit slowly.

I'm off again for the next few days! By the time this is posted, I'll have left already. Travelling domestic again (sooooo much domestic travel in the last year or so), but I'll be back soon. Didn't manage to edit the 2nd photoshoot in time before my departure but that's okay!

Exciting new things happening in the next few weeks, like exams, discussions of photography, uni, uh... Yeah. Kinda exciting. Not really. Maybe. Depends how you see it. Depends on your world view.

Alright, I've run out of fluff to say.

See y'all soon.


  1. nah im kidding, this looks super fun. Good work mangsafka (Y)



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