Update; May 2016

Hey, I'm alive.

Good news! Exams didn't leave me lifeless on the floor! I'm still alive and kicking and still taking photos. 

Recently I haven't had the drive to post anymore. This is, perhaps, the first time this feeling has ever hit me. Mostly it's because I've found myself quite swept away with other aspects of life, and hardly having time at home just to write. University is growing ever-demanding, and I have a lot of little things in my life I need to devote time to, and that's been taking away from smaller pleasures like blogging, reading, taking portraits, and so-on. It's a shame, really!

But I'm alive!

And I do intend on blogging again sometime in the future. 

There are actually several drafts lying in the deep recesses of my blog. Various topics that I've half-composed and decided not to post for a variety of reasons, usually either 1) It was too boring and not good enough, or 2) I didn't have the time or motivation to complete it. Or, I just got bored. Etc.

Life has a habit of marching on, and the longer you put off something the more unlikely you're going to do it. But more posts will come! They definitely will! Once I find the time to write about it! I promise, I really do. In fact, might write one today. 

But for the time being, I'm alive. Here's a photo for evidence!

Taken by JG
Fun fact, I am holding a box of fairy bread in this photo.
Hope you've all been taking care of yourself. Stay hydrated and wrapped up with the winter months that are fast approaching.



  1. I love your stye Manj :-) ! It is the best! That is such a lovely photo, and I always love reading your posts.



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