G's 100-day Baby Shower

The other day I did the first 'hobby' photography I've done in a while. It's been an incredibly long time and it felt almost foreign to hold my camera in my hand without any real obligation to anyone. I wasn't being paid, this wasn't something I had volunteered for. The happy parents had simply asked if I would be kind enough to 'take a few photos' on the day, and so I happily accepted, with fingers crossed that it came with no strings attached.

And although I did end up playing a half-photographer role (though clearly not nearly as much as I usually do -- I actually had time to sit down!) I really enjoyed what I did. For the first time in a very long while I was able to just take a photo of whatever I pleased, and, I suppose, channel my creativity a little bit (especially with composition).

It comes as a sudden realisation but I really quite like still-life photography now! I've never really deliberately experimented with it very much, but I guess several months of doing nothing except, well, event photography means that people-photos really start to bore you.

Finally being able to take photos of things without the pressure of someone else on my shoulders was a refreshing breath that I had forgotten about. Despite my overly-long dress and the heels I had on my feet (i.e., not the most practical gear to take photographs in!), I jumped around the place taking a few hundred photos in the time span of a few hours simply for myself

Yeah, sure, they may be 'boring' images of just things on tables, a cake, or balloons, but they were things that I thought looked nice, and I put a lot of effort into composing and editing and making the image altogether look very nice and appealing (to myself, at the very least!)

I'm not quite sure how to explain what photography means to me anymore. Perhaps I don't use it as creatively as I wish to -- right now, in this moment, I don't have the time to. But, in saying so, I still love it to bits and hold this entire 'photography thing' very close to my heart. All I can say is that when I hold my camera it feels like it's something very familiar to me, and something I really enjoy.


That day was a good day. 

Also, some brief thoughts about Baby Showers;
Although at 100-days of age, Dear Little G won't even remember any of this, but I'm sure that in decades of years time she'll look back on the photos from that day (maybe even the photos I took!) and be reminded that her parents love her very, very much, and to them she is the brightest thing in the world.

Happy one hundred days, G.


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