Pre-formal Shoot

Because of the #VALEDICTORY photoshoot that we were doing before formal, this meant that I wouldn't have an opportunity to take any photos of myself or with my family all dressed up in my formal gear.

Thus, the day before the shoot, I put on my dress and got caked up in order to do a small self-portrait shoot.

This shot was incredibly difficult to get
Not going to lie, it was difficult.
Especially due to the fact that I was working in a long dress and high heels, which I'm not the most nimble in. Self-portraits in general are always hard to begin with, as well.

It's hard to make each shot unique, especially when they're all self-portraits.

I suppose on the day I wasn't really into the entire mood of self-portraits, and just the hassle of getting all dressed up and carefully navigating the house in heels and tired feet kind of put me off. But I did the best I could.

I wanted to get a wider variety of shots
But a tripod is handy. Not to mention the wireless remote. These two pieces of equipment are worth a fortune, in terms of self-portrait shooting.

Later on, my father came home and my brother also got dressed up.

This called for some more photos.

I found it more difficult to do these photos than it was to do self-portraits.

I suppose it's because I was trying to play both the model and the photographer. Except I wasn't in full control of the camera. So it was harder.

I found that trying to convey what I meant or envisioned in the view-finder to my father wasn't the simplest or easiest task. My brother was also very impatient as he had a TV show he wanted to watch (and in general, working with young kids requires you to be quick and efficient). And on top of that, I had to smile and avoid a fake, cheesy grin.

But, most of them turned out alright.

And of course, we also mucked around.

Wasn't the best of shoots, and I know I could have done better. But oh well, it wasn't too bad, and at least the job was done.

Sorry for the late upload, also! Didn't have time to edit these until now.


  1. Were the first few done in the toilet? Just curious =]

  2. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th photos were done in my bathroom :P Nothing wrong with a good ol' bathroom selfie



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