Photoshoot-location scouting

Today, my friend LQ and I decided we'd check out Eden Gardens (because I saw a friend post several nice photos of the place a few weeks back).

A very nice run-down car outside the place
So after catching the bus there, and then accidentally getting off the bus two stops early (and thus having to walk for a very long distance), we finally reached Eden Gardens.

To be completely honest, it was a bit of a let-down. It wasn't as great as the photos had shown. Maybe last time it was a festival of some sort?

The flowers were very nice, though. And the exhibitions were alright.

Generally we seemed to both agree that the place was an alright photoshoot location. It wasn't the best, per se, but if in a situation where all other main options have been exhausted out, then Eden Gardens seemed like a viable place.

Kudos to this, because I had forgotten to take my hayfever allergy medications in the morning.
There were also cute little props here and there, which were nice. Probably the only perkside of this place is that they had these tiny details which would make for some decent photoshoots, though overall, not a spectacular place that I'd be dying to go to for photoshoots.

Gnome garden

This was cute, also
After about an hour or so, we got bored, and so we both agreed to leave the place and head off to the city as a spontaneous decision and test out some street photography (which we haven't done in a long while)

Not going to lie, it's been a very long time and I feel like my skills in street photography have fallen dramatically. But, hey, I've got the time now to start practicing again! (Reunited with my love)

We also tried to get a high shot of the traffic crossing outside QVB, by entering Kinokuniya and taking shots from the window. However, we neglected to consider the fact that we were both using crop-sensor cameras and using prime lenses which were not very wide.

Thus... It didn't turn out as expected. (Oh well, you live, you learn!)

Not the best quality, due to the reflections. But, it was a good learning shot.

It takes a while to get over the fact that sometimes people will see your camera
I'm still taking baby-steps to try and overcome the fear of taking photos of people.

It's quite difficult to be completely invisible, and I suppose that's the very nature of street photography. You really just have to 'blend in' and enter the environment yourself.

I always find it easier to take street photographs of kids.

I was discussing with LQ, and I suppose it's because children don't really mind if you take a photo of them. They don't feel self-conscious in the way that many adults do when they see a camera pointed at them. Children tend to continue on with their lives as usual, allowing for really great candid shots and wonderful conditions for street photography. (But, I suppose you risk getting caught by their parents and having to explain that you're a street photographer, not a creeper.)

I have a bad habit of being quite fearful of the so called 'getting caught', so I often just take back-shots. I'm trying to correct it.

Though, to be fair, there really isn't anything to be 'caught' for. It's not illegal to take street photography, and technically, the photographer has the right. Check it up; there's laws about it.

Anyway, after wandering around aimlessly for another hour or so, we decided to head off to Hyde Park to scope out the area for possible shots for our pre-formal shoot. We figured it would be a good idea to check out the place and plan ahead of time, especially for a shoot that's going to be the biggest we've yet to do.

We were met with a giant hot pink condom.

We stopped in the middle of the road to take this photo.
Oh, the things we do to take photos of giant, hot-pink condoms.
For those who don't know, it's to spread awareness for HIV, and is currently at Hyde Park, on top of the obelisk.

More street.
Then we experimented a bit with long exposure. Which... ultimately didn't work out as well as planned (considering we were tripod-less, and the crowds were a bit less than optimum)

Actually an accidental shot, because I forgot to readjust my settings.
We also humorously attempted to replicate one of Margaret Zhang's instagram photo (the one where she's swinging around a lightpole) but we basically failed miserably and so just did it Charlie-Chaplin style. Photos are in LQ's possession though.

Also went off to St James Station's tunnels to test out potential shots.

Afterwards, it was getting to late afternoon, so we had to return home.

One last street photography photo.
Anyway, it was a nice and pleasant day out, and I feel a lot more prepared for the photoshoot on next Tuesday. I think it was a very productive day and definitely a good idea to scope out the area, especially since we've never really done anything on such a big-scale before.

But, other than that, the opportunity to try out street photography again was really nice, and even though Eden Gardens was a let-down, it was still a great day :)


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