Birthday Gifts (continued)

Yesterday I was supposed to have a gathering of various school friends and primary friends for a game of putt-putt in a some-what half-celebration for my belated birthday. It was more so a get-together for friends that haven't seen each other in a while, more than anything.

None-the-less, my friends gave me some gifts, which I appreciated.

Also, unfortunately, due to the intense heat-wave (42 degrees Celsius!) and my gastrointestinal discomfort (because of my woeful mistake to drink orange juice in the morning), we had to cancel those plans and instead, just went to my house and chilled around.

It was nice to see all these faces again, and really just enjoy their company. I'd have liked to have gone putt-putt (I really wanted to go), but I guess you can't have everything!

And I suppose this means that we'll just have to organise another outing for putt-putt. Which means an excuse to see my friends again. Which I cannot complain about.

Anyway, some few photos of the presents I received.

From AT
Accidentally, I already have a copy of the above book (whoops), so... 
(But ironically, I haven't read it yet.)

I also received the following from three friends (TY, EH, and YY)

I need new socks, actually. I was a lot more happy about these socks that I ought to have been.
Most people think receiving socks as a birthday gift is mundane, but I like it. I like socks, and I need them.

Also, they got me a gift of 4 bath bombs, which looked and smelled amazing.
Coincidentally, I've recently got into bath bombs (I used to never take baths), so this will come into use.
(Though, I do feel bad for all the water I use to fill up my bath)
Additionally, another group of three friends (DS, VD, KG) also gifted me some things as well.

I liked the rusty feel of the box.
Which contained:

It was a really nice and cute little tea-pot. (Also came with green tea leaves!)
Sadly though, I think because of the turbulence throughout the day and probably my general clumsiness, a bit of the top of the teapot actually broke, so hopefully we'll be able to fix it or deal with it.
As much as I love tea, I have a confession to make. I actually have a lot of tea around the house that I haven't drunk yet.

Like, I'm not kidding. I have a lot of tea. Most of it unopened, even.

From the top of my head, I have in my possession:
  • 1 x sachet of green tea leaves from the tea pot (above)
  • 1 x T2 box of Green Gunpowder tea
  • 2 x unopened T2 boxes of French Earl Grey tea (I love this flavour)
  • 1 x opened T2 box of French Earl Grey tea 
  • Various assortments of green tea, roasted green tea, and black tea at home.
I also don't drink tea daily, so I'm questioning how I'm going to finish it all. But, I suppose eventually. 

It's kind of like my issue with books. I love books (I really, really do, and I basically won't go anywhere without a book) but I often don't find enough time to read and I purchase more books than I can manage. Thus, there is basically an entire stack of books that I have yet to read.
(I'll get around to them, I promise!!)

Anyway, that was an efficient segue. Back on track.
(Side note, I still struggle to pronounce segue as 'seg-way'. It's more like 'seg-you' in my head)

The same trio of friends also got me this nice handbag, which I really love.

In terms of clothing or fashion, there are a few things that I am suckers for. 

That is,
  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Bags
And I really wanted a side bag like one of these, and so I was super excited to use it. (I actually used it the day after receiving it, because I was that intent on giving it a spin)

It's also a perfect size to fit my camera and GoPro gear in, and also large enough to fit a book, water bottle, and my wallet. That's basically a short-list of all the necessities I take out with me whenever I go out.

Also, with inspiration from Margaret Zhang (I swear I've legit mentioned her name about 10 times in the last week, including a discussion with some friends today), I tried an outlay, which was clearly difficult because I was using a 35mm (with 1.5 crop) and I'm also quite short (which makes it also difficult).

Also, I'm too lazy to edit this in photoshop and fix the warped lines (usually I am), so this will have to do.

In two years time, when I'm a lot better at taking outlay photos, I'll look back on this as my first outlay, laugh, and shake my head at the rookie-quality.
Ah well, you live and learn. Just you wait till I post my first photo-editing jobs.
Also, on the 15th, I went out with my good friends MX (hi I know you're reading this) and LQ, and they also gifted me this wonderful present.

(sorry for the slightly blurry photo)
It's a GoPro battery extension, which is super useful because the GoPro battery doesn't last quite long (unfortunately).
Although I already have another battery, it still only gives me enough recording time for about 5 hours, which is not the best. With this, I believe I can film for 10 hours(?).

It'll definitely come in handy, and I had considered getting one before, actually.

I've yet to start vlogging (oh man), which perhaps I will do soon. My life's still super busy and I haven't had time to rest or catch up with myself. To top it off, I'm sick and just all gross (really hoping to recover by formal time).

The biggest photoshoot of my life is just around the corner and I don't feel in any way prepared. There's so much to sort out and prepare and life is just ahhhhh and I don't even know where to start and I think a panic attack is approaching.

I'm only kidding. Gotta keep it real and calm. Can't break now or that'll make things worse.

Life is not smooth sails, that's all I can say.
The waves are coming and they're not going to stop until the storm passes, whenever that is.
It could be days, weeks, months, years.
But just because it's rough seas doesn't mean you have to sink.
As we sit in the boat of friendshiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!

I'm sorry, that was strange and lame. I couldn't leave this post on such a sudden deep mindset.

Stay well!


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