Paintball, Picnics and Photoshoots

Today I went out for a picnic and paintball with the family and friends.

I didn't take many photos because
  1. It was very hot
  2. I was still kind of sick (last remains of the flu remaining)
  3. I kid you not, there were flies everywhere. Like everywhere. Like you couldn't stand still for more than 2 seconds before a fly would get all up in your face like it was its business.
  4. Been on a creative downspike recently (probably due to sickness and general fatigue)

But, I took one. 

I always have to take at least one.

I personally didn't play paintball because I've got formal in two days.
Bruises are hard to hide, let's just say.

Though, I'm likely to try paintball one day in the future!

Also took some GoPro photos

How nice does the sky look?!
I love Australian skies
Also first time I was daring enough to stick my GoPro outside the car to take photos (and also some video, which didn't turn out too interesting, so I'll pass on posting)

GoPro selfies are the norm
Then, I got home earlier than expected, and thought "why not take some self portraits" because I was getting sick of my old DP. (I didn't like the white background; it seemed less... casual.)

Also, recently I've been trying more facial expressions.
I tend to always smile in self portraits
The wind was also both my friend and enemy today.
I dedicate this to 'Wind in His Hair', the only character I remember from my Year 8 History lesson study of the movie, 'Dances With Wolves (1990)'
Oh, the pointless information I have stored in my hippocampus.

 There were also several instances when the wind almost blew my hat off.

I always feel like I can't be completely serious around a camera.

It's not that I can't be serious. It's just that I feel like having a little bit of fun always lightens up the mood. I also have a very strange interest in the variety of facial expressions a person can have.

I think there's something very captivating about the facial expressions we can make, and the messages they convey. I've always loved to take photos that capture that -- the variety in a person's eyes, crinkles, mouth, nose, eyebrows, and how that all comes together to form and convey a particular meaning.

Accidentally pressed the shutter before I was in position so I chucked this pose
Sometimes I feel like people will think I'm narcissistic for posting/taking all these photos of myself, and I'll admit, sometimes I do act a particular way to try and avoid people thinking that.
E.g., I'd love to post one of these photos on instagram, but sometimes I wonder if people will judge me incorrectly.

I'm not trying to cover it up. I really do like self-portraits. I love capturing images of anyone, including myself to be honest, and I love conveying the idea of someone's identity in that image.

It just happens to be me in a lot of these photos, because inspiration and motivation hits me at the most unexpected of times, and I do not have models at my disposal.

Also, I feel that when I do things myself, I'm able to instruct myself directly what I want and how I want it done. What I envision is what I do, and there's no need to explain it verbally to someone else. I suppose that's just easier.

This is my 'waiting-for-the-perfect-breeze-to-blow-back-my-hair' face
Oh well.

I suppose I'll still post the photo. Society can't stop me!! (exceptions include the law and other restrictions)

Okay, enough for tonight.

Man, I was supposed to do my nails for formal tonight. And now it's 10pm. I guess it'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Godnat everyone


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