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Just a quick update to let y'all know that #SelectivePhotography has successfully bridged onto Instagram! With a new Uni lifestyle and changes in style, we've decided upon the move.

So, I present to you, Selective's insta! here [click]

Selective has been changing a lot recently, and it feels super great to get back into the jive of photography. (Man, it's been such a long time. I almost forgot what it was like.)

It feels really great. Oh, how much I missed it.

This photo isn't exactly a part of the #MONOCHROME series, but it was taken on the same day. I always struggle with selecting only two photos for the installation :( Ironic, I suppose, since it's 'Selective' photography :P

Anyway, enjoy!

An unused shot from #MONOCHROME - navy, featuring CL.
This also marks the first time that Selective has collaborated with Cynosure! You can check them out here [click]

CL was such a wonderful model and is absolutely gorgeous and I know when she reads this she'll think otherwise, but truly. 'Twas wonderful working with her, and she's a good friend of mine too, so that was a great bonus!

An official post about #MONOCHROME will pop up soon, once I finish editing (I'm taking a considerably longer amount of time this time round; perhaps because I've been busy recently, so sorry!). I'll also be busy most of next week and also travelling away (again), so fingers crossed I'll finish editing by then and thus be able to post, but no guarantees!

In the meantime though, enjoy these pictures which have been featured on instagram.

Peace out.

Another post coming soon. Hopefully.
Finally got a rain-puddle shot! I've been waiting for one of these for yeaaaars


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