Update and Excuses

A mundane update approaches!
And a discussion of excuses.

The excuse to post: It was my friend SQ's birthday picnic the other day!
The real reason: I have an odd obsession with blogging
The excuse for the real reason: It really helps me write things down and sort out my thoughts, and deal with life a little bit better
The ulterior motive: It's a nice procrastination tool.

Happy birthday SQ!
The picnic itself was really enjoyable! Half of the people there I don't see often (last time was usually last year, actually) so a perk is being able to see all these familiar faces once again.

Y'know, at graduation, it felt like the whole experience of high-school was over and everything was ending. It was almost as if everything that happened was gone forever. But in hindsight, not really. Although technically 'high school' is over, the future brings more, too.

Catch-up was nice, and a lot of laughs. It was truly a great day for a picnic just to chill around and relax. Afterwards I went to a Russell Peter's comedy show, which was heaps great as well (I haven't laughed so hard in a long time; my diaphragm was pretty tired by the end of it all).

What I really wanted to discuss in this post was the topic of excuses.

Initially I was going to write this 'update' post a day or two after the picnic itself, which would have made sense. But halfway through writing it I... lost motivation and just deleted everything.

I made up the excuse that 'no one reads it anyway' and a bunch of other useless justifications that really just made me feel even worse than I already did.

Recently I've thought about the topic of 'excuses' a bit more than I usually do. Although excuses can be justified sometimes (surely), more often than not, they're just weak arguments to try and cover up for our own lazyness and fear.

Sometimes it takes a lot of drive and courage to actually decide on something and actually do it.

I'm not sure where this post is going. The idea for this post kind of popped into my head whilst I was on the bus home. The reason for that was because earlier today a friend at Uni pointed out they found my blog, and I started to question my motives for posting.

I used to just post for my own enjoyment, but with the most recent post (that I then deleted and didn't end up publishing) I realised that my excuse was weak. I didn't want to post for a variety of reasons, but most of all I think it was because I 'just wasn't feeling it'.

Oh my god I actually don't know where this post is going. It's really just a mesh of thoughts. Apologies.

Life's been pretty all over the place recently. A lot to deal with, and I think most of all is the fact that I'm so unsure how to feel about certain aspects in my life (not to mention upcoming exams!!!). The transition between high-school/holiday life to Medicine is really happening fast, and it's taking its toll. I wasn't in the best of moods the past few days, and there are an accumulation of reasons for that, which aren't fit for discussion right here and now, but as always, we'll deal with it.

Life gets hard but it goes on, too!
"The best thing about a storm is that it passes, eventually."
-- a paraphrased quote from somewhere

What am I trying to say? I don't know
Don't worry too much about what others think and just do things because you want to do them. Find the drive and motivation from deep down within and use your life to do things for yourself. Whether that be studying, catching up with friends, singing badly but loudly, blogging, or whatever sees you fit. Don't fall back on excuses. Embrace life as it goes fast, as it goes slow, as it gets hard, and as it gets easier.

This was a pointless post. I promise a more interesting post (photoshoot!) within... A week. 99.87% chance success rate.

I'll end with this picture.

Yes, these shrimps were on the barbie.
A'ight. Peace out.


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