Swissotel High Tea

As a late birthday lunch outing for my friend MM, a few of us took her out to High Tea in the city.

Before we got there, we wandered a bit around QVB and consequently got lost, but that's okay.

Some T2 decorations.
They're conical flasks!! How cool is this.
Anyway, we made it in time for our booking, and sat down nicely together and got keen.
This was the first time for high tea for 3/4 of us, so we were all pretty excited!

((Not to mention that we had coupons which saved us 50%; shout-out to Groupon))

Apple mocktails.
It tasted like apple juice, with blended apple pie.
I can assure you, I felt a lot more sophisticated with high-class tea, nibbling on the array of foods presented on a platter.

It was hard to take photos because of my 50mm and crop-sensor, but it was alright.

I tried some Orange Pekoe tea for the first time, and although it sounded strange, it wasn't half bad.
 The tea-pots were also very, very cute. My friend RA's tea pot was pretty interesting.

We probably looked the most unsophisticated bunch of all those dining at that restaurant.

I reckon we spent a good 10 minutes discussing what this yellow cherry-like fruit (?) was on top of this desert.

I still don't know what it is. RA said it was an apple and I didn't believe her at first but the longer I ate my 'apple' the more it tasted like one.

In the end we just concluded with a shrug and 'I don't know' and just ate it anyway.
We probably could have just asked the waitress.
Then we had some time to spare so we headed off to the bathrooms, which were absolutely stunning.
Needless to say, I took some selfies.
Not exactly in focus; manual focus is hard :(
Then we also shopped around for formal dresses and I searched for some casual heels. I didn't exactly find what I was looking for, but these babies were on sale and pretty neat and decent, so I figured I'd treat myself.

After this though, no spending until China.
Anyway, the day was a pretty decent one. For $30 for High Tea per person, I enjoyed it tremendously. Although exams are looming, sometimes it's just great to relax a bit and enjoy yourself. Life's too short to constantly worry.

But, tomorrow is back to studying! Wish me luck.

Likely to be few updates until HSC is over. Be well while I'm gone.
A la prochaine!


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