Spirit Week // Retro

As a part of our Spirit Week celebrations at my high-school, we had a 'retro' themed mufti day.

For non-Sydney siders, 'mufti' means 'out of uniform' ((don't ask me why; that's just our slang)).

I really was looking forward to this day, and planned to go all 'Retro 90's Kid' style, so I picked out the most retro things I could find around the house and rocked up with a flowerly cap, headphones, overalls and my trusty Tamagotchi (version 3)
Sorry for the massive photo and crop
I really love themed mufti-days. I think it makes it better, especially if everyone does follow it. Just looking around at everyone's retro outfits was so nice, and I wish I could post them all here but there are a lot of faces.

[However! You can check out the photos on my group Facebook page, here.]

It was a really great day! And sad that it's our last Friday.

The Spring Fling Dance party afterwards was also absolutely fantastic, and I'm still tired from that. Halfway through the night I sat down and just watched everyone dancing and said to my friend, HN, "I'm going to miss this."

Anyway, no photos from the Spring Fling, so time for more from the day.

Pushing the boundaries because of sunglasses

Showing my friend my Tamagotchi, because that's what retro is about.
The next week is going to go in a blur.


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