Last Week #3

Pyjama Day dress theme, and we also recorded our music video! (link at the bottom)

Not many photos with faces on them, but here are some from the various food parties we had.
I can assure you, the entire day, I was basically feeling a constant experience of sickness from all the sugar and sheer unhealthyness that I had consumed for 2 continuous hours.

No regrets though.

[Also sorry for the watermarks; accidentally put them on]

My biology teacher, Ms K, bought us a cake to celebrate our last lesson.

I don't usually enjoy cake, but when it's filled with as much love as this...

We also had pancakes in a Chemistry party (that I joined), which was absolutely delicious.

Here is the music video.

I'm amazed at our grade and how we managed to pull it off. It's not anything /professional/, but it was whipped together by a handful of individuals with hardly any experience and very, very little time.

It was also done in one take and on the first go, and that fact in itself impresses me.

I didn't film or organise; my partner in photography did, but I made the credit scene! 


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