Woy Woy (bt)

A backtracked post.

Photos from my Woy-woy trip from a while ago, that I never got around to posting.

Not very exciting, but I wanted a break from studying, so I figured I'd make a short blog post because that's always fun.


Selfies? Sure
I miss going on road-trips like this, and looking forward to a November trip later this year, after my exams. No spoilers as to where I'm going, but I'm very, very keen for the photo opportunities and especially the GoPro footage.

My brother really enjoyed running away from the incoming tides.

Anyway, that was pretty boring. Not much I really have to say right now, because my mind is buzzing with Mod B Hamlet.
Random side-note; purchased black-tie clothing for a formal dinner yesterday. That was fun, and I would post pictures but I didn't take any, but I'm sure they'll come later.

I'm really just trying to think of things to say, so I think it's time to end this blog post.


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