Last Week #2

So Tuesday was cross-dressing themed.

Of course, the guys looked fabulous.

Quote: "It's so breezy!"
Guess, guy or girl?!
Initially there were a lot of "It feels so weird and unnatural" comments, and things like "MY THIGHS ARE TOUCHING"

But by the end of the day, some of the boys were actually saying "Man it feels so good, I wish I could do this more often."

Some even went to the length of shaving their legs (very impressive)

"that hairline"
I also didn't fail to take the opportunity to dress up.

I also saw a good idea from a friend's post on instagram and decided to draw a beard on myself, thinking many other girls would also do so (I was wrong, but it was still super fun).

Several comments throughout the day
"You look like a hobo."

I'll admit, I enjoyed being a guy for a day a lot more than I should have.
Other frequent occurrences during the day were giggles and junior kids who kept staring at my face until I looked them in the eye and shot them a 'sup' nod.

Later on in the day was the Teachers VS Year 12 annual competition in Touch, Netball and Softball.

[Cheers to my photographer friend LQ who took the majority of the touch photos]

Would make great cover photo

[Cutting the line very thin because of side-profiles but it was a nice shot]

Also it's not the first time, but the lighting in the Gymnasium is pretty bad, which means very high ISO, which makes me sad sometimes, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Overall, at the end of the day, we lost :(
(Lost in softball and netball, and won in touch, so I heard)

But, overall it was such a wonderful day and I enjoyed it so, so much.

Also it made me sad to think that this week will be one of the last times I get to take photos of school events. I'm going to miss it, and there's the need for a long post about Selective Photography and working with my good partner in photography, LQ, but that will be for another day.

Today we also filmed a very long, one-shot music video for our year 12 grade, which I'm very keen for (all credits to HL, LQ, and all others involved).

Well, it's the final stretch guys! Excited for tomorrow. Very. GoPro footage will be good, I hope.


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