China Day 18

1pm morning! Ahhh, wary of the jet lag. I might as well turn nocturnal now. Completely overslept (11 hours!!) and feeling a huge sense of sleep inertia, which tends to hit me when I oversleep. So tired all morning, and feeling the exhaustion.

Much packing was done the entire morning, and nothing else.
We missed the time for yum cha, so had to have a casual 'dinner-as-lunch' meal at 3pm...
And then it was off to the airport at 5pm, to be safe for our night flight.
It was a (slightly tearful) goodbye with my brother and mother, who were flying back later, but all's well. Kinda just like a camp; I'll see you again soon.

You'd think I'd be a lot more saddened about leaving here. After all, I do call this my 'second home', after Australia. But really, it's not goodbye. I'll be back soon, I know it. This place is like home. Leaving it is not really tearful because home is always there. It's kinda like how saying goodbye to my relatives here is more a "see you again soon, amigo" sort of thing. At least, that's how I try to see it.

Over the years, I've become quite familiar with Guangzhou. Seeing the sights aren't surprising, much more familiar than you'd think. Though, I'm not quite a local; I'm not a foreigner either.
I don't know what I'm saying. It's hard to put into words, it's sort of an experience and feeling that happens after you visit a place so many times, and have accumulated a total time of about 8-9 months here (it's so much that I've lost count, literally.)
It's not the most perfect place on Earth-- that's for sure. I'm not in love with the people, the pollution, the crowds, the inequality-- none of that. I'm just... Going to miss it.
It's multicoloured taxis, the bargaining, the abundance of loud asian grandmothers, the thrill of crossing a road, and the joy of feeling 'average height'. Ahh, that's what it's about.
Oh, found the word. I'm going to miss the culture. Much like a bacteria, removed from its large culture in its Petri dish. Removed, and keen to conquer new worlds.
I'm sorry I had to end it on a biology pun.


Also, today is the day I'm off to another city. I'll schedule Cairns posts to come up in the next few days whilst I'm away. When I return, more photos, more posts, and hopefully jumping into more Selective Photography plans (it's been a while!!)

Till then, stay safe.



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