French Earl Grey, ft nectarines and lemon juice

Ice cubes, lemon juice, white nectarines, and lots of bags of tea

Decided it would be fun to brew a little bit of ice tea, since it's been a while, and I'm still in the mood from the home-baking session of yesterday.

So, with my stack of T2 (still leftover from the several boxes that my friends gifted to me for my birthday, bless them), I swirled up a large jug of French Earl Grey.

What I love about this flavour is its fruity twist to the casual Earl Grey black tea flavour. I've never been a fan of too fruity teas; since I generally drink tea hot, I find that fruity hot tea tastes a little out-of-place. French Earl Grey is able to infuse both the mild fragrance of rose with a small twist of fruit, yet maintain the classic taste of a cup of good ol' black tea.

But really, the smell is gorgeous and sometimes I wish I just had this aroma wafting around the house consistently.

To make the whole jug, I ended up using three full cups of hot tea, with a total of four tea bags (yes, a lot.)

Too much T2?

In using so many, you essentially end up with a really strong brew of tea, which is what you want. The reason for this is because as you add the ice later, it'll dilute the solution by a big factor.

To make it a little bit fancy (and healthier), I also cut up a few white nectarines that I conveniently found in the fridge (they tasted so sweet and I basically ate two on the spot) and added a cube of frozen lemon juice for a little bit more citrus.

Frozen lemon juice is a resource that my family has in quite an excess -- always available within a few metres distance (i.e., in the fridge). We literally have containers and containers of this ingredient, and sometimes I question why.

But we all know lemon juice is healthy, and my favourite remedy when sick is to whip up a few cups of honey lemon water. With frozen lemon cubes, it's heaps easier to make it, since all you have to do is dissolve honey in water and then add a few cubes.

Not to mention just adding a cube or two to a jug of ice-tea, just for the shot of a lemony twist.

So, after a little bit of relaxing creativity and having fun setting out the jug to make it aesthetically pleasing, I took a few photos, and then returned back to work (yes, I know university hasn't started just yet but I find myself dumped back into a week of work-load).

Although it's true, I used about an hour to do this (including editing photos and uploading here), I think it was worth it. I enjoyed it, it helped me unwind, and now I'm pumped up and ready to jump back into work (along with my nice little cup of ice tea to get me through the day).

Ahh, let's see how long this 'healthy' Manjekah will last.

Also tried drying out rose petals today (just a side note).

Take care.


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