Rose scents // A little bit of DIY

I've never been the kid who's done a lot of DIY crafts during my childhood. Don't get me wrong -- I loved DIY, I really did! I just never did it because... I'm not sure why.

But the other day, still stricken with my motivation to be 'homemade', I decided to recycle a few roses that had been leftover from Valentine's Day.

What I used:

  • Dying roses
  • A small mesh bag (?)
  • Used tea leaves (French Earl Grey)

So, after sadly and ruthlessly snipping off the flower heads, I plucked off the petals and put them in a bowl. I know, gruesome, isn't it?

After collecting a fair amount (an entire bowl full), I gave them a really quick wash because I wasn't entirely sure of the cleanliness of the petals. Though, in hindsight, I realise that it probably was not necessary to do it. In reality, it really just made the petals moist, thus lengthening the amount of sunlight-exposure necessary to dry out the petals.

Trying to wash petals is actually a really hard task, because of their hydrophobic nature
After washing them and decanting away the water, I placed the rose petals in a plastic container and really just bathed them in sunlight until they dried up. I also added in some tea leaves because I always feel bad about throwing away used tea bags.

Remember to mix them every-so-often, just to bring up the shaded petals at the bottom up to the surface
After they're all well-and-truly dried by the natural sunlight, all I did was transfer them into a pretty little small bag and ta-da! It was done.

It actually smelled really nice, I'm not going to lie. It was such a nice feeling to have actually succeeded, because I often don't mix well with DIY things (trust me.)

To top it off, since we were in the mood, my brother and I started this clay-craft set that I had lying around (which I purchased a few months prior) and made little key-chain figurines. It's been a long-lost childhood dream of mine to do something like this, so it felt heaps great to finally get around to it (even though I'm now officially an adult)

They're not perfect, but the pride is still strong
Anyway, not much of an interesting post, but it's a little something I did at home. I had the photos lying around so I figured I'd do a quick post before I'm swept away by the musings and currents of University life (which is starting so soon! I'm not sure if I'm ready for it all).
Life's going to be hectic in the next few weeks, so I'm trying to post all of this now so I don't lag behind later, or I'll be sure to regret it.

Take care.


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