Lantern Festival in Darling Harbour

Another Saturday, another day out to the city with my brother.

First, a quick stop by N2 (I swear, ice-cream stops are a tradition now). The main reason was because I was dying to try the Green Tea Kit Kat flavour that they offered.

After waiting for a considerable amount of time, we finally managed to snag ourselves two (the waiting time after ordering was insane!).

Fortune Cookies and Cream (really just Cookies and Cream) and Green Tea Kit Kat flavour
Though, I can assure you, the Green Tea Kit Kat was so good. I loved every bit of it and I ate it entirely (I usually struggle to finish a single serve. To be fair though, I hadn't had lunch. But none-the-less, it was by far the best N2 flavour I've ever tasted).

Afterwards, we went out to Darling Harbour and found ourselves mingling with all the other families who were out in the area to celebrate Chinese New Year at the Lantern Festival. This time, unfortunately, I believe I may have been mistaken as a very young mother. I wasn't exactly wearing clothes that suggested otherwise.

Toooootally rocking the 90's 'jumper around the waist' look right there

There were plenty of freebies to snag, and performances to watch (so many traditional Chinese performances, which I really, really enjoyed. Probably the highlight of the Festival, though the decorative lantern pathway was a close second).

To be honest, there weren't many markets or anything to enjoy. Most of our time was spent purchasing (very, very expensive food) and sitting on the grass watching performances.

Sugar Cane Juice, with a hint of Lime

'Crispy Ramen Snack', which, although tasted good, was not worth the $5. Also, it's basically MSG in a container.
But, as always, the food was nice. At least, that's what I tell myself (anything that I paid a lot of money for tends to make my subconscious believe that it's tasty). My brother loved the sugar cane juice though (that one was probably more worth it than the other food we ended up consuming).

We had a bit more time to spare, and my brother wasn't really feeling it to chill out at Darling Harbour's playground, so we decided to take a bee-line to Kinokuniya, the book store, near Town Hall.

So many nicely covered classic novels! Ahh!
Needless to say, we walked out of there with a stack of books (literally; three for each of us. I know, terrible, isn't it). I promise you I'll read them all! And the Kinokuniya membership means 10% off every purchase so that's more incentive to buy! (Though, we all know that's just my excuse...)

I also saw the official 'The Gender Card' handouts lying around in the store (they'd gone viral a few days prior) and grabbed a couple. 

I could go on a feminist discussion here, but now is not the time nor place for that.

Perhaps some other time (but preferably in person; those discussions tend to be more productive).

Anyway, it's getting late, I need to check through a video I just edited, and I also need to go to bed because it's past 12am and I have to wake up early tomorrow for Uni O-week day 1!


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