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// I interrupt your daily flow of Melbourne posts to bring you this special update //

Monochrome -- exploring colour and its influences.

Finally, the time comes for the continuation in the #MONOCHROME series.

I've been itching to finally get a move on with this project, because I knew that if I didn't do it soon, it would lose its momentum and the project would flop. To be fair, it was probably my own fault for the huge delay between Part 1 and Part 2; it probably wasn't a wise idea to start the project right before I left and visited six different cities across the world. Wise life decisions, Manjekah.

Although this shoot had been planned ahead of time for a while now, finally I was able to collaborate with my fellow photographer, MX. Though, this time she was the model!

With our busy and hectic lives, we managed to score up a small time frame where we met in the city and wandered around The Rocks, searching for a nice place to shoot.

And, of course, red props!

I never noticed it before, but The Rocks has some really nice shoot locations. It's so quiet on a Monday afternoon -- it made for a really nice setting. No harsh shadows, no distracting backgrounds, and plus: no need to act like a public nuisance!

Dressed in all red, we navigated the area, and I managed to get a heap of decent shots.

Unfortunately, I only selected two for the final album, because that's what my initial vision of the project consisted of. So, many sad cuts had to be made.

It took a lot of willpower to force myself to discard this photo from the final two that I selected.

Although I really, really liked this shot, it didn't vibe well with the overall atmosphere that I was going for in my photo. In hindsight, I probably should think about my ideal 'mood' of the photo before I do the photoshoot itself, rather than after during post-production.

I also changed the project around a bit; goodbye to 'Searching for Monochrome' (it's just Monochrome now), and also, I think I'll ditch the idea of hybridising fashion and portrait photography. Although, in a sense, it still is true, I realise my point of this entire project was to explore the effects and influences of colour upon an image.

Red is passion, red is pure energy, red is the person in love, red is strong content, red is independent.

And thus, after a long unprecedented delay, I present to you the final two images.



It was such a pleasure working with MX as well. She's so adorable and hilarious to work with, and I really enjoyed the photoshoot. It didn't really seem like a photoshoot at all, really! Kind of just like two friends messing around with a camera.

It's a nice feeling to finally get this out there, and to jump straight into the jive of photography projects.

I'm not sure where to go from here. I have one model lined up for the next installment for this project, and in a month or two I'll have to work on 'A Fine Line' again, but after that, what's next?

We'll see. We'll see.

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