JMH #4 // Bondi, tourism, and Chinese food

Today was Bondi day!

It was our first day of 'good' weather. Such that it was sunny but slightly cloudy for about 5 hours straight whilst we were at the Bondi, which fared well, considering the previous 3 days had been storming.

So anyway, we headed off to Bondi in the morning, and went for burgers for lunch as we shopped for boardies (board shorts) and such. Also many jokes about thongs (called jandals, i.e., flip-flops, sandals, etc.).

HN with her burger, that she was super excited to eat
Afterwards, we all set camp down at the beach and enjoyed a nice day.

Thankfully it was a weekday, so there were relatively less people (weekends are absolutely packed). It gradually got hotter throughout the day, so we slathered on plenty of sunscreen. None-the-less, I think we all turned a shade darker (I'm still recovering from my Port Stephens tanning spell)

Also, we all somehow managed to fail to pick up that bringing chocolate to the beach is a bad idea.
A really bad idea.

HN ate it, none-the-less.
In celebration for the Australian Christmas spirit, I also made a snowman out of sand.

It was very small but oh well.

We named him Bobby, in memory of uh, someone we know.
After spending time just chatting on the sand and reading a science book (yes, I know.), the sky began to turn darker around 4:30pm, so we decided it was time to head off.

Next on the agenda was to check out Circular Quay and do all the typical touristy stuff. I.e., Harbour Bridge, Opera House, and Botanical Gardens.

However it started to rain (nooooooo) and thus photos were very difficult to take. I don't think we even ended up taking any with the Opera House, to be honest. Botanical Gardens (HN coined the word 'botan') was also cancelled because walking through that area in this weather was surely a bad idea.

Thus, we headed off early to Chef's Gallery Town Hall at around 5:45pm, which was a good idea because we barely managed to scrape the last empty table. Anyone else after us had to wait for a great deal of time and queue up in the pouring rain, so consider us lucky. (pro tip: book ahead of time)

The food was really great! (I know I've been saying that about every restaurant we've been going to, but it's true). It wasn't the perfect restaurant; I think there were a few aspects of service that could have been improved, but the noodles were on point. We devoured it, and it was definitely well worth the price.

Yum yum, I love hand-pulled noodles. I love noodles in general. Especially thin ones.

Anyway, it was super delish. Afterwards, we went down to N2 (AGAIN) to show JH and also idk kill some more time. I don't even remember what we did. Then we just went home for an 'early' night (which was really around 9pm) and chilled around with my brother and finally got the opportunity to show JH around the house.

It was a really nice chill sort of day. Just relaxing on the beach (almost fell asleep) and sort of spending time doing whatever.

Also marked the 'past-halfway' point, which was also sad, but eh, we were too busy enjoying the moment to really let that get to us.


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