Baulko Year 10 Formal (2014)

So one week ago, I was invited to Baulko's Year 10 Formal for 2014, (mostly because LQ was invited, and so I tagged along), and I was in charge of taking video footage.

That's not something I've really done before. I've gone to events with the goal of taking photos, but never to an event with the intention to produce a video.

Sure, I've done videos before. E.g., going to Port Stephens -- on that trip I was focused upon video. But those were all for myself -- for private use. This one was for someone else and that put a lot of pressure on it and changed the situation.

But, none-the-less, I wasn't getting paid and this was just a learning experience, so there really wasn't too much pressure.

Also they spelled my name wrong.

Table 19, near the bottom. Also, who is 'Leo Zou' LOL
We also tried out some new equipment; LQ's being his new lens (which we both absolutely adore), and myself, trying to manage both GoPro and camera together.

Several problems throughout the night. Ranging in sources.

  • Low lighting (ISO shot through the roof, urgh, and video with the GoPro was insanely difficult)
  • The loud rave music wasn't the best for my ears (yes, a petty issue, but still)
  • Seating problems (we were seated on a students table, and then moved to a teachers table. Later on, however, more teachers arrived and we were essentially kicked off the table for desert, and LQ and I decided to hobo it out and eat it in the hallway whilst standing up.)
  • A lot of people demanding photos (non-stop, and it was a very crowded area as well, making photos difficult. Thank god for 18mm focal lengths in LQ's new lens)
  • Camera weight (both cameras were very heavy, making arms and wrists very sore)
But, let's not focus on the bad parts! A lot of good things came from it too.
  • Free food!!
  • Treated like professional photographers (we were even given our own room and told "it's all yours")
  • Having quick chats to all the teachers again
  • Small chats with the students that I've seen around, and just generally socialising with them and a few that I knew personally
  • Being able to test out and practice my film/photo skills
  • Who doesn't love raves and music (although they did repeat the same playlist)
  • And just something to do, which was better than just staying at home (also had the excuse to dress up semi-formal)

Photos were manageable when the lights were on, but when they went off...
ISO made me cringe
My flash was also too strong, so it meant taking portraits was difficult. I did manage to take quite a few outside the venue (before the sun went down and people went inside), and group shots from afar with my flash turned out really good.

Unfortunately, not posting here, but they should be up on #selectivephotography's facebook page  (click here)

Overall it was a really nice night, just to do something with my life. I was rushing to finish editing and uploading before I went overseas (you can probably tell this is a scheduled post)

Ahh, brings me back to the memories of my own Year 10 formal. And I was given the opportunity to familiarise myself with more of the Year 10 grade.

It would be nice to be invited back to formals in later years, or perhaps to expand to do some event photography. I'm not going to lie, despite once saying that I didn't want to get into event photography, after gradually being immersed into the field through #SELECTIVE, it's grown onto me. Either that, or I've just gotten more experienced and prepared to take on these challenges.

I still need an external flash and a softbox though. I really do. Hopefully soon.

And, goodnight.
Funny thing, the RSL also thought that this grade was a graduating 2014 grade (i.e., my grade), and labelled the event 'Year 12 Formal', as well as having the DJ conclude the night saying "THANK YOU GRADUATING CLASS OF 2014!!!"

I laughed.

Here's the video.


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