JMH #6 // Foodie markets, B&O, Street, Books, Night markets, and my longest post title yet.

[At this current moment of time, I am flying in the air to another country. This thus means there will be no more new posts in the next two weeks, although I have scheduled a couple over the next week. It's okay, never fear, I will return soon. Stay safe.]

So today we headed off in the morning to go to the Foodie Markets at The Rocks.

We'd never been, so this was pretty fun.
It's interesting how I didn't even know half of this stuff even happened in Sydney, despite living here my entire life.

Bought some tropical juice, but didn't taste as nice as the juice we had in Cabramatta a few days ago (watermelon, orange, passionfruit, lychee)

Bought some skewers too
Later on, since we had some time, we finally managed to head off to the Bang & Olufsen store that HN really needed to go to.

It was as if we had walked into the future. The 22nd Century.

Everything looked so polished and modern and aesthetic.

However, I'll admit, the navigation is a pain and very, very, slow.

At least it looks aesthetic though.
And the sound systems are still top notch.
Anyway, with time to spare before dinner, we went off to Darling Harbour (once again, for the third time) to kill some time.

I decided to take some street photography because there were a lot more people in the city today around the playgrounds than usual.

JH thought it'd be a smart idea to enter the fountain upon my demand.
Needless to say, he got very wet.
Also found some interesting people.

I watched this woman for a while, as she tried to get the perfect angle to take a picture of her friend.

This is what I sometimes look like.

Sorry for all the street photography spam (not really, I love it)

We also ended up going to Kinokuniya for a quick stop-over, and as expected, we all ended up in front of the Science shelf. In particular, Biology.

We even went searching for a book: Anatomies by Hugh Aldersey-Williams, which was highly recommended to JH and I by HN, and thus we each bought a copy.

Afterwards, it was time to head off to dinner before the lines grew oversized. We decided to dine at Pancakes on the Rocks in Darling Harbour.

The waiter wasn't the most pleasant, let's just say that.

With much confusion and misunderstanding (and also difficulty in hearing each other due to the noise levels), it took a while to come to a conclusion about the chilly being separated and JH's allergy-inducing foods. The waiter rolled his eyes at us three times (wow).

The bowl of death; walnuts
Anyway, let's not stay standing on this puddle. The food was nice, and we were lucky enough to (once again) avoid the long queue.

Afterwards, we made our way to The Rocks for the night markets, passing through Martin Place to look at the lights and observe the Channel 7 News Station. (Yes, also the same place as the #Sydneysiege)

The night markets were really nice. I loved the atmosphere of it all. If there's something that's enjoyable, it's being out late at night in moderately-cool temperatures, with nice music wafting through the night air.

Everywhere you turned there'd be some form of music or laughter going on; always something new to look at or check out.

And to spend the night with friends is always a plus. That means laughter (a lot of it), smiles, and ridiculous photos. Like so.

The little trinkets here and there were also really nice.

The Sydney-siders ended up pitching in and purchasing two 'I <3 Sydney' souvenirs for JH and HN. The little jars contained some sand and sea shells, and a scroll; it was pretty cute, if I say so myself.

Overall, it was a tiring night. It was the final night.

We said our goodbyes to some people, thinking it would be the last time we'd see them, and then only to find out that they would come visit again tomorrow.

The end was coming and we knew it, but we refused to acknowledge our goodbyes, because really, we didn't believe that they were real.


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