Searching for Monochrome #0

Hello all,

"I won't be posting in the next few days" she said.

Suddenly got motivation to try out a project I've been hoping to do for a long time.
Something monochrome themed.

This isn't really the official project, to be honest. It was more so just test shotting and a little bit of trial-and-error brainstorming.

monochrome; /mɒnə(ʊ)ˈkrəʊm
-- developed in black and white or in varying tones of only one colour

Today I just did black and white but I'm really itching to try a hybridisation of photography, portraits, and fashion shoots.

1. Monochrome clothes (in colour themes, e.g., all purple clothing)
2. A model
3. A shoot location (likely cockatoo island, /laughs)
4. Time

I also may or may not try doing a black-and-white self-portrait to start off the project tomorrow, if I have the time or the energy to (trying to juggle interviews alongside all of this is difficult, but manageable)

These shots are really nothing special. I just wanted a challenge today so I tried to shoot in black-and-white. And it was raining and I wanted an umbrella shot. And I also happened to be dressed in some semi-business attire (which I do not usually wear around the house) and thought it was an opportunity. I also had some spare time.

To be honest, it was difficult. Not going to lie.

Shooting purely in black-and-white is difficult. Not only do you already have to deal with the heeby-jeeby of composition, lighting, settings on the camera, and what-not, but you've now got to try and 'see' in purely grey-scale.

Which takes some getting used to.

Not everything looks good in black-and-white. But I tried to experiment around with various objects around the house. Which is where I came up with the title for the project, Searching For #Monochrome

Finally found a use for this snowglobe

It's still in it's infancy stages, and to be honest, I haven't exactly started the project yet. This is sort of a pre-project photoshoot to get the gears started and running.

Perhaps tomorrow we'll start it officially with myself as my own model because that's a simple start and will allow me to take care of all 4 requirements.

I'm still not sure 100% what it's going to turn out to be like. There are still a few blurry zones in my mind for what I'm expecting, and I guess I'll improvise tomorrow and see which works best.

(some) succulents
I don't think these are the best of shots, no.
I think I still have a fair way to go in terms of black-and-white photography, but you've got to start somewhere, eh?

Also sometime in the future I'm thinking of doing a flashback sort of post. Where I'll post a lot of my old photos. It'll be a good reflection time, to just see how things have changed over the last 3 (almost 4!) years since I discovered my love for photography.

Looks like an ammonite (it's a chandelier)
Yeah pretty boring shots, if I have to say so myself.

But, they were just a quick thing I did in half an hour, and I didn't have too high expectations anyway.

Hopefully tomorrow's shoot (if it ends up happening) will be better.

Also officially finished 2/3 of my interviews (yes). One more to go.

Take care.


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