Korean BBQ on George St

To celebrate post-trials (again!) and two of my close friends' birthdays (AT and VA), we went out to Korean BBQ at a restaurant in the city on Friday.
Ordered a 'Meat Mix Combo'. Much delicious.

I brought my camera, but didn't get to take many photos because I was too busy eating and just enjoying their company, especially since I haven't seen both of them in months. It's interesting how despite not seeing them for months on end, when we catch-up, it's just like old times. It's hard to imagine that it's been almost a year since we parted.

After Korean BBQ we headed off to N2 ice-cream, but I didn't get the chance to take any photos because
1. There was an INSANE amount of people on Friday night at N2, and the place was super crowded.
2. I was too keen to eat my Banana and Peanut Crumble ice-cream
3. We had to go home soon, since it was getting late.
4. I couldn't be bothered taking my camera out, and besides, I've taken photos from N2 before [this post]

It was a wonderful day out, and a great end to a Friday night.

Been continuously going out for the past several days, and it's Saturday night right now and I am absolutely, positively exhausted. Can't wait to rest well tonight, because after this weekend I'll have to start getting back into gear and start working on things again.

All in all though, these are the days you remember.


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