DNIP -- MC's Place

DNIP;; doing nothing in particular.

Went to MC's place for a chill-out session because
1. Post trials.
2. We haven't all been together for a while.
3. Why not
((you never need reasons to chill out with friends))

[NB: some of these photos aren't taken by me]

Legit did nothing today.

Brought out Cluedo (I played for the first time!) and MA ended up taking out the answer (I WAS SO CLOSE)

You can't really see it because my face is cut off but I was had the look of intense confusion.
 We legit just brought games over.

Old school games, mostly. Things like Gamecube and PS2.
Been missing these games;; the ones that made up my childhood.

All in all, I miss the 90s. They say you don't notice the culture until it's in the past, and I have to admit that I did not realise what the 90s meant until now: 20 years later.
Things like Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Gameboys, Snake on Nokias and when driving manual was normal. I have to admit that I still watch VCRs every so often, though it is a rare occasion. Back when we used fans in summer and the mere idea of a Tamagotchi was 'high-tech'. When the Cameras used dry cell batteries and video cameras shot in 480pp, and USBs maxed out at 200mb in size (for an affordable price).
Seems so long ago, yet I'm only 17. The days of my childhood.

Didn't exactly get enough time to play everything we wanted to, but that gives us an excuse for Round 2.

Yes I know, Wii's not very old-school
Then, as like tradition, we always head off to the local park and be complete idiots and do the weirdest things.

When I was young, I used to go to parks like these, and I would see groups of teenagers and I remember I was absolutely terrified of them. They would laugh like maniacs and do terrifying things and climb dangerously high. And I vowed to never become one of them.


To be fair, we don't exactly do the /dangerous/ stuff that I saw teenagers do when I was younger.

I lived in a pretty rowdy neighbourhood, so let's just say that some groups of teenagers there were much bigger nuisances. I like to think (I hope) that we aren't. We just do really random things and enjoy ourselves because we forget that half of us are 18 and are legally able to vote and live independently.

Always wanted to do shots like this

Anyway, that's about it for today.

It was a good day, and school starts again tomorrow. Not particularly keen for results, but they should be alright; the harder ones have already come back.

Also next week involves finishing University applications (at least the bulk of it) and studying again. I really have to start soon, because every single day that I push my studying routine back, the more guilty I feel.

Anyway, it's almost over. Have some travelling planned for post-HSC that I am super, duper keen to do.
godnat! (goodnight in Danish)


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