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"I won't update in the next few days" she said.


Thought I'd try out a self-portrait shoot, since it's been a while since I've done one. Also didn't really like my current DP on social media because I thought it was a bit cluttered.

I've always wanted to try shooting portraits with a nice, plain white background, but I never had any white walls or enough lighting (or a studio) to ever take anything like that.

But I figured "nothing can limit me!!" so I tried to experiment a bit.

Took a lot of test-shots for many reasons.

1. Lighting.
2. Focus

I used the E series Nikon 50mm f/1.8 (which goes down to f/0! I still don't understand this, but it does.), which has no auto-focus. That made it very, very difficult to take self-portaits (considering it's already difficult to do so WITH autofocus).

Thus, many, many test-shots were taken. Here's one.

Soz for the unbrushed hair; I figured that it was just a test shot so didn't bother.
Thankfully, though, I had a wireless remote that my friend got me a year or so ago.
It has made self-portaits a lot, lot easier. I can assure you that.

In the end, to achieve the lighting effect, I had to open up all my windows in my room and utilise my big mirrors to reflect the natural lighting back onto my face.
Used ISO 100, 1/30 second shutter, and f/0 aperture.

Then, I couldn't resist just taking one or two with the camera itself. (like every other time I have my camera and a big mirror)
The ISO's a big higher on this one, because I changed position and the lighting wasn't enough for ISO 100
[Photos edited in Lightroom and Photoshop]

But yeah, that was it!

Was racing the night so I could finish it before the sun set and I lost my back-lighting, but in the end it worked out alright.

Definitely appreciating the f/0 though, it meant I could still have a decent shutter speed, yet still get the bright lighting I needed without having to raise the ISO to unviewable levels.

Probably won't be doing another one for a while, until after HSC/graduation.

Anyway, it was a fun casual thing to do around the house. It's been a while.
Mmm. Selamat sore (good evening).


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