1 year [Nikontinued]

I know I know! Overload of posts in the last few days, but this will be the last in a while. Maybe. Jokes. I don't know.

Anyway, on this day (16th August) last year (2013) I officially received my D7100 in the mail.

It's a long story, and is more of a story suited for telling in a place that's not a public blog.

Though, the jist is that my friends did me a wonderful thing, and till this day I still feel just as grateful and undeserving of them. I'm still just as blown away and amazed by them all, especially the dear friends that organised it. I am forever in debt and I perfectly plan to keep them close to my heart for the rest of my life, because that is the least I can do.

It's easy to forget things like this, and I'll admit, I almost missed this anniversary. (Kudos to VA for unintentionally reminding me today).
Thus, going to post about it to remind myself of the brilliance of the people that I know and remember to thank them for what they've done.

Taken on the day I received my camera
It was a tough time, but I had strong friends. 

Even just thinking about it still confuses me because I cannot seem to wrap my head around the fact that it even happened(??). It's been a year and I still can't find words to express my emotions because I still am blown away by it all???

Anyway, this post is long enough and I'm just waffling on.


Look into the stars, my son
For they are the wonders of life because
Your friends are the lights that will 
Forever illuminate 
Your sky
And follow wherever you will go


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