Melbourne (inc. AMSA M15 Convention)

So I went off to Melbourne for ten days.

This time, for once in my life, I didn't bring my DSLR. I know, that's a big drastic change for me.
Instead, I was equipped with my GoPro and iPhone.

First stop was JH's place. I guess this means we're now even, since JH stayed at my place in December last year. I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, and I'd definitely look forward to staying again.

Just settled in? GoPro selfie, of course.

Most of the first three days at JH's place was spent exploring the city of Melbourne. Going to various discount stores to buy cheap clothes (for my costumes at AMSA M15 convention) and visiting nice food places.

Such as my old-time favourite, Luxbite! We went the trek over there, and also managed to stumble across the best Vietnamese Pork Rolls I've ever had. Though slightly pricey at $6 each, they were heavenly (and I managed to stuff two inside of me).

But of course, Luxbite was the cream on the top. Matcha cheesecake was irresistible, so I indulged.
Not going to lie, it looked like grass, but it tasted like Heaven's nectar.

Okay, maybe an exaggeration. But if you're someone like me who loves 1. Matcha, and 2. Cheesecake, then this is a combination made in the Heavens.

Each layer was so delicious. I cannot even express.
And once we ran out out of things to do, we decided to head off to the ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art). So through the pouring rain (with no umbrella) we braved and braced the chilly butt-freezing weather of Melbourne and made it there.

Where art thou

Not going to lie, it was smaller than I expected. Really, it was just one exhibition. I suppose I was expecting something like the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

And, as always, when I'm in Melbourne with nothing to do I always head off to cheap book stores. Managed to walk away with four? Five? books. I don't even remember how many I bought. (But they were only $5 each!)

After a long, tiring three days spent up late-at-night talking about random things and playing Tetris, it was finally time for me to leave and head off to AMSA.

For those who don't know, AMSA is the Australian Medical Students Association, and they host yearly Conventions. This year's was in Melbourne (#amsaM15), and it was something that I'd been looking forward to for a real long time.

I had no idea what would be in store (considering I'm what they call a 'convirgin'), but I was stoked none-the-less. With a suitcase bursting with costumes and a head full of excitement, on the 5th of July we signed in and settled down.

And, of course, got into the jive of costuming.

Here's just some pictures/highlights.

Terminator night! A UNSW coordinated costume.
Refraction/reflection! You can't see it, but my legs were shiny with glitter.
One of the best costumes my friends did was none other than RF's. I'm not too sure what he was exactly trying to be, but all I can say is that it definitely looked insane enough to fit the 'Deranged/Departed' theme.

Step 1: fit a glove on your head.
Only kidding (it's a bald cap).

One of the most anticipated days for me was Sports Day.

Two main reasons:
  1. Superman costumes
  2. Jumping castles

What more could I ask for? When you grab two great things and smash them together, this is what you get.

Much fun was had. I loved having an excuse to dress up as Superman. It's not every day that you get this opportunity, you know?

With the last few days emerging, the exhaustion had started to hit. A-many friends had started to succumb to sleeping whenever and wherever, and a few cases of conventionitis had begun to hit home. But the Convention must go on!

With the final Gala Ball upcoming, we all dressed up (as best as we could, with our aching bodies) and dined at The Crown with a nice Wonderland theme.

'Drink Me'!
The night went long, but it was not over yet.

The next day we rose up early to check-out and then try and grab a spot at Hardware Societé. We had attempted to go the day before (Saturday brunch) but the line was incredibly long that we figured we'd be there for at least another two hours before all nine of us managed to get a spot.

So, on Sunday morning (whilst rain was falling. Heh.) we waited patiently for 40 minutes to grab a table at the esteemed venue.

Terrible photo, I know. It was raining, cold, and the heater was radiating red light.
Crispy pork meal.
I grabbed a favourite dish and also a cup of hot chocolate (perfect for the five degree Celsius weather). And, let me tell you, Hardware Societé did not disappoint.

This was my second time at the brunch café, and it was still fantastic. My friends all enjoyed it too, and it was well worth the wait. If I had to recommend one place to eat brunch at in Melbourne, I would say this place. It is top-notch and the food is smashing.

With some more time to spare (and in desperate search for shelter from the downpour of rain) we decided to spend some time at the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria). I'd also been here before, but I felt like I didn't fully appreciate it the last time I was here.

Mirror selfies?
Nonetheless, the furniture was nice. I kind of felt like I was in a museum, really, rather than an art gallery.
It wasn't the best last-day-of-Melbourne, but it was enjoyable. There's nothing else that quite represents the Melbourne-experience as well as a sudden flash of rain, forcing you to brave the streets with nothing but a flimsy red poncho. I wished my glasses had windscreen wipers.

Overall, Melbourne was nice. It was cold, I must say, but I feel like I returned to Sydney with a reset thermoregulator. I think I can withstand the cold a lot more now!

It was wonderful to head back to one of my favourite cities and spend some time there seeing old friends, and also making new ones. AMSA Convention 2015 was an event that changed a lot of things, and was definitely a roller-coaster of events. None-the-less, I'm keen to return next year (hopefully) for 2016's Convention!

Before I end this post, just wanted to say that I've been real busy of late. A lot of photos, footage, and things to do in the next three weeks. Life is taking a turn for the hectic, and I'm really trying to fit time to blog and update this but I'm definitely struggling. Once the photos are (eventually) edited they should be posted here, but who knows.

Life seems to be moving too fast for me to even update this in time! But that's okay. Hope y'all going well. Also, we're just past halfway through winter (in the Southern Hemisphere)!

Okay, take care.



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