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Yeah, hiatus-smiatus.

Kinda was in a better mood today, despite the ever-mounting things that I'm supposed to be doing right now (AHHH!). So I decided to edit a few pictures and upload them before I head off.

A lot of things rushing in my head -- costume ideas, packing, last-minute washing, tutoring shifts (that I'm not ready for yet!) and a lot of in-between tasks.

But, I made the time to go out with DS to check out a cafe that we'd been meaning to for a while. We'd planned to meet up a few weeks back, actually, but careless, clueless Manjekah decided to accidentally forget and instead found herself cramming her butt off for exams, completely oblivious to our plans.

So, it was postponed. Till yesterday.

After meeting up, we legged our way to the Cafe, which was a nice short walk from Parramatta Library (in Google Maps we trust).

Despite having a late breakfast that morning, I decided to go full-out and order a burger, chips, as well as a green tea latte (in hind-sight, could have passed on the chips... but they were only $2!! And the menu said they were 'super crispy'!!).

Only $3.50! Green Tea Latte.
I will admit, I absolutely loved the green tea latte. If it were possible to fall in love with a drink, this would be it.
matcha matcha matcha

The texture was so smooth and the taste just right! If it were possible, I'd love to have this on a daily basis. In fact, if they opened up-shop at the UNSW campus, I would most definitely find myself sipping on one every day (not sure if that's a good thing for my wallet).

Burger-wise, Diana settled with a Kimchi pulled pork burger, whilst I the Badmanner Burger (no jalapenos) (each $13) with a side of super crispy fries ($2 extra).

Diana's burger
Not going to lie, the burgers looked like a mountain! But a delectable mountain, at that. It looked absolutely spectacular and I was so keen to dig in.

I'll admit, I was a bit conflicted about how to consume the entire thing. Surely no regular human's mouth is large enough to fit the burger in comfortably. No wonder they gave us a fork and knife.

But I never knew how to eat a burger with a fork and knife -- I prefer all the ingredients to be consumed together (am I making sense? It's a cold Monday night, forgive me). So, I braved it and attempted to eat it like a 'regular' burger.

I like to think I succeeded. It was definitely a mighty burger, but it was absolutely delishhhh!


The little cafe itself was a nice little setting. Not, y'know, absolutely fantastic, but it was a nice little quaint and comfortable atmosphere for two friends to catch up.

Will admit, though the window seats had nice lighting, it was kind of difficult to speak to each other since we were sitting side-on (probably our own faults, to be honest).

Overall though, everything was well and good. Definitely my favourite would still be the green tea latte, but the burger itself was a damn-good burger. The lettuce and sauce was done so well and all the flavours mixed together nicely. Yum.

Definitely would return again. And most certainly would recommend it to anyone who's keen on a nice burger or amazing (and affordable!) green tea lattes.

Anyway, in other news, as this is being posted (scheduled earlier ahead), I'm furiously packing clothes and everything into a small little suitcase to travel. I'm off again, and by the looks of it, I will be leaving my camera and laptop here in Sydney (for several reasons).

So, I won't be posting for a while, but you can guarantee a post upon my return (once I recover).
There's plenty more I'd like to do, say, and finish before I jet-set away, but (as my life has been in the last year) time waits for no one.

Oh man, why do I do this to myself?!

Only kidding. Mostly.

Stay safe, eat nice food, and don't forget to enjoy your life every once in a while. And don't forget your vitamins, kids. Never forget the vitamins.



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