Wollongong Roadtrip w/CMFC

A few days ago I went on a one-day road trip with a couple of friends (whom of which identify as #CMFC). I guess this was a day of firsts -- the first time I really went on a road trip just with friends, and it was a really nice day for it!

Rise and shine early in the morning, with a pick-up at 6:00AM.

After meeting the rest of them at Parramatta Park (initially aiming for the sunrise at 6:30AM, but we ending up late), we headed off for a Woolies run.

Followed by, as you would expect, a Macca's run.

On the way back after a good feed. Hashbrowns all round.
It was about 8:30 in the morning, and after a run refresher in the children's playground, it was finally time to head off to our first look-out.

We found ourselves inside the Royal National Park and managed to find some sort of a look-out. Most of the day was improvised, really, and I guess that was a change from the usual plans that road-trips have.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Blue skies, sun shining, and not too windy.

We stopped by at some sort of lake, and the water was absolutely stunning. Clear? Crystal. Even tempted to jump in for a quick swim, if it weren't for the fact that we didn't bring our swimmers or towels (and... It was still pretty cold, to be fair).

Fishing for compliments

Hopped back into the car and drove off "before the Rangers find us". Soon enough, arrived at another look-out and we all stepped out.

The view was breathtaking. It was so extreme and vast that you could actually see the slight curve of the Earth (something that I always seem to be fascinated by).

((Side tangent: isn't it amazing though? Imagine if you were the first person to see the curve of the Earth -- in a society which believed the Earth was flat. How crazy would that be.))

Of course, selfies were taken. The conditions were right.
Finally we decided to make camp at Stanwell Park Beach.

It wasn't a bad day for the beach, despite it being winter (I know!)

The sun was shining, there weren't many people, so it was really a great time to just chill out. SQ even managed to bring a guitar, so that meant jams and good times.

A few more stops here and there were made, and also the presentation of HG with his late birthday present. None other than a penny skateboard! I feel like we seem to get more and more tardy with birthday presents. But I guess better late than never! And we're going to pull the old 'we wanted to give it to you all together' trick as an excuse.

Needless to say, much skating was had.
Did he trip a moment after this photo was taken? You'll never know.
Ultimately though, it was a great time just skating around (despite the fact that I myself cannot ride one. Maybe one day). Sometimes you need to just take a step back and revert to old time activities, y'know what I'm saying? (I don't know what I'm saying. Don't mind me).

With a bit more driving (phew!) we finally made it to the long-awaited Seacliff Bridge. Many photos were taken, and the water below was so beautiful. The entire scene itself was gorgeous. Blue, blue, everywhere -- the sky was clear, the sun was out, the waves were crashing.

This looks like an advertisement for the phone.

It actually made for a really nice and comfortable walk. The view was incredible, and sometimes it's hard to realise that something so aesthetic is just around the corner (well, maybe about an hour's drive).


I've also started to try and pay more attention to more unique framing, so I tried to experiment a bit with my photography.

This trip was the first time I'd used my camera seriously in a while (like, a month) so it felt good to get back into the game.

Needless to say, with all the nice-ness of the Seacliff Bridge, we spent a great deal of time here. Skating, taking photos, playing the guitar. Sometimes all at once. As you do. Or, as SQ does.

And, of course, more photos of the water.

Yeah, kinda soz not soz about all the photo-spam on this post, but hey, cut me some slack. I love water, okay? Believe me, there are plenty more where these photos came from.

After finally managing to pull ourselves away from the gorgeous view (after a few more photos) we hopped back into the car (so, so many times today) and kept pushing ahead. The afternoon was approaching soon, and we still had a few places to go.

You can never have too many photos, ft. KR
One of the last stops! The Wollongong Head Lighthouse! 
I'd been here several times in the past, but nonetheless it was fun to take photos.

It was surprisingly windy up here, and I started to feel the breeze (considering I was wearing what was essentially a singlet). But, the sun still managed to keep my spirits warm.

"I'm swapping Nikon for cannon" heh.
If you look closely, my fluoro-pink thongs make a reappearance
After feeling a bit adventurous and all climbing up rocks to look at the cliff-side ocean view (many photos were, once again, taken), we all started to feel a bit peckish and decided it was about hay-time to start heading off for lunch.

So, the final drive to Wollongong was made, and we parked to try and find some good food.

But, alas, poor planning led us to the wrong area and we were faced with food-court food. Which, to be fair, we weren't exactly keen on consuming, having driven so far. It is also my tradition to have fish and chips every time a roadtrip to some sort of beach/rock-pool/coast is traveled. It just feels natural, y'know?

Fish and chips are a must-have.

So, trust Google Maps led us to Levendi Cafe on the Harbour and we all feasted on their Beach Packs (except HG the hipster).

It was a feed. To which I couldn't finish. But it was a decent feed.
We found ourselves with only about half an hour to spare, so instead of forcing ourselves to hustle our bustle anywhere else, we decided to just soak in the sun and take some nice breathers.

And take a few model shots. As you do.
JT the model :P
 And a few more photos. Panoramas. 

DSLR panoramas are a new thing that I'm starting to test out
Since we had to get back by sundown (for reasons), we left quite early and drove straight back.

A big shout-out to KR and SG for driving as the rest of us fell asleep in the car-ride back. It had been an exhausting day with little sleep, much energy, and breathtaking sights.

Leaving the place with nothing but smiles, many photos, and memories, we returned back to where we started (Parra Park) to say our goodbyes and head off again. With many of us scattered all over Australia, it's difficult to meet up frequently.

But, as we all know, sometimes you just have to find the time.

It was a great day and it felt so incredibly worth it. It didn't fail to disappoint, everything went according to plan (well, I guess, we didn't really have a plan so nothing really could have gone too haywire) and I'm already keen for the next roadtrip.

CMFC out, till next time!



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