JDG's 18th! 1920's themed

The other day I went to the craziest 18th I've ever been to.
I say that in the best way possible; good-crazy.

The dessert corner.

The detail that went into everything about the celebration was so inspiring and incredible. These are what birthdays should be like. Full with theme, enthusiasm, fun events, and great people.

I want my 21st to be like this.

The food was fantastic! The mood and atmosphere was insane. The details and decorations were incredible. I really don't know how else to explain or describe it. All I can say is that I'm so happy I was even invited and so happy for JDG's birthday.

Her family and friends did so much to make the night such a special one, and for once I think I learned and experienced what a birthday should really mean. A birthday is a celebration of birth -- it's a celebration of that person's very existence, and I couldn't help but realise that we frequently forget that. We take birthdays as an advantage to chill out and hang and party and receive gifts (and, most importantly, eat cake). But that's not the point. The point is to wish this person the very best, and be happy that they exist and that you know them. 

To love them and to love that day. 
Today is their day. 
We're all here to celebrate that.

With the theme being '1920s', that meant it was our cue to go all out Flapper Style. I'll admit, I'd never done anything like the sort (or even gone to a themed birthday party at all, really), so I left it last minute and rushed together a costume consisting of Lincraft beads and feather boas. I think it was satisfactory for the theme.

But there's no way I could compare to some of the finest-dressed at the venue. Some of these costumes were so great -- I felt like they were snapshots taken straight out from The Great Gatsby (shout-out to HSC English)

Overall, such a wonderful night.

Sometimes you need to just let loose. Especially five days before your first University exam. Sometimes you just need to take it easy, dance the night away, and catch up with some friends.

'Twas a night to remember. 
Many birthday wishes, J.


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