Mother's Day and birthdays

Happy Mother's Day!

Along with the billions of people in the world who are giving a great big shout-out to their mothers for donating their uteruses (uterii?) for nine months and undergoing excruciating pain, I, too, did something for my mother.

Also my father, because it was his birthday.

As a relevant tangent, I'll admit that after watching an hour and a half long video about pregnancy and childbirth, I feel like I really owe it to my mother. And all the mother's out there.
Pregnancy is some scary stuff. Terrifying. Horrific.

Let's not even get started on the pains of raising a child.

Okay, getting distracted.

So, I thought I'd take my family out to Pappa Rich, for several reasons. Mainly because we'd hardly gone out for Malaysian before, and I've heard many good things about the restaurant.

Of course, before dining, there was the presentation of gifts.

My brother gave my parents a handmade card, thanking them for all the things they've done for him.
Yep, cue the unanimous 'ngawwww'
I find it extremely hard to purchase gifts for my parents. I suppose it's because as a child (and young adult), I've always had things that I wanted but never could have (reasons for this is ... mostly because of money, let's be honest here). But my parents -- as adults with a stable income -- that's really less of a problem for them (as juxtaposed to me).
What I'm trying to say is that there really isn't much that they can't get that I can get for them. Do you know what I'm saying?

Of course, there are things that money can't buy -- things that show how much you care, right? Usually I do something like that, but in recent times I've been so busy and swept away with life that I hardly even have time to think for myself, so I have to admit that I wasn't able to do anything like that for them.

In the end, I did settle with some gifts (mostly a Mother's Day pack of chocolates and a fountain pen), but for once in my life I really put a lot of thought into what this day meant and how to show appreciation for someone. I guess that comes with my slow transition into independence and Uni.

Anyway, onto the topic of food!

Some chicken dish with rice -- sorry, I forgot to make note of it.
Edit** Hainanese Chicken Rice [shout-out to DS]

Banana roti with Green Tea ice-cream
The food wasn't too bad. There were some dishes which were really nice, and some which were merely average, I'll admit. Additionally, since Malaysian involves a lot of spice (a lot), that also meant it was quite difficult for me to genuinely experience the meal.

I stuck to my plain roti and non-spicy noodles and rice, thanks.

It was really crowded, too, and the table we were seated at was incredibly cramped up, but hey, you can't have anything, right?

I guess it was a worthwhile place to eat at. Probably not my favourite place, and I likely won't be visiting back too frequently, but it was a nice change in pace!

Fountain pen
Not sure how to end this post.

I'm really only updating for the sake of it -- so many things are happening in my life right now that I'm struggling so hard to keep up to date with myself. Life is rushing forward and I'm hardly having time to stop and think for myself at all!

But I'm doing okay. I'm managing, and I can just tell that the next few weeks are going to be extremely difficult ones (pre-emptive anxiety strikes again!) and I'm trying not to become too worried or fearful of the days to come, because that does no one any good.

Trying to convince myself to just take things as they come. 

Roll with the punches, Man. It'll all work out okay, I'm sure. But hey, look on the bright side, you're distracted, and you're doing things (which, to be honest, is your life motto). (Yes, I'm addressing myself, like any sane person would do).

All in all, I'd rather be constantly doing something than to be doing nothing at all.

And since you've made it so far, I figured I might as well link this somewhere

Okay, Manj out.


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