China Day 10 (HK Day 4)

Today was mostly a day of shopping. Woke up early, played some Disney Tsum Tsum, and then headed out to the heart of HK.

First stop, Giordano, where I racked up two collared shirts ($190 rmb) and another pair of jeans ($195 rmb), which was nice.

The other polo is my father's.

I really like polos and collared shirts in general, and since I previously only had one in my wardrobe, I was really excited to add these two new shirts to it. The jeans were also identical to my precious pair, except in a different colour.

After Yum Cha with some family members, we left via taxi to an outlet store about half an hour drive out from the CBD, which was longer than we expected.
It. Was. Very. Pricey.
Yes, it's true, that at an outlet store, a lot of money was slashed. 60% off coats worth tens of thousands of HK dollars, but it was still a high price to pay for a coat. Although they were branded.
We didn't buy much -- nonetheless, my mother and I purchased a 50% off handbag, which was originally quite exy, but I suppose the quality was worth it (?). I'm always unsure about purchasing excessive branded items; I'm not too sure how to feel.
So we left (mostly) empty-handed and decided to head to a restaurant which is apparently infamous for its delicious roast goose.
Of course, we ordered roast goose. It was pretty good, not gonna lie, but the goose was a bit old, so the meat wasn't as great as it could have been. The thousand year old egg entree was absolutely delish though.
Unfortunately, no photos, because I didn't bring my camera with me.
Afterwards, we stopped by a Staccato store, which is one of my favourite show stores, which I visit everytime I'm in China (customer loyalty at its finest).
Their shoes are quite nice, and very comfortable. I've found their quality is on point, meaning I've worn the same pair of flats for 3 years now (and they're still going strong!). When the shoes are on sale, they're definitely worth their figure in money.
So I walked away with a new pair of business shoes, which will come in handy for interviews or the like -- previously I had been borrowing my mother's shoes for medicine interviews and the like, which were a bit big for my feet. They had a pretty big price tag (despite the 20% off), and I'm kinda embarrassed to say it, but let's hope these shoes go to good use. 

At 7:30pm my brother and I headed back to Kowloon station alone (for the first time in HK!! This is an achievement), and managed to not get lost.

Then, at 8:15, I went down and met my friend VA, whom happened to also be in HK. Thus, we had agreed to meet and go ice-skating at the rink in the Elements shopping centre.
The price wasn't something to get excited about. It was paid via octopus card (the travel card), and was a simple rate of $1/min, + $20 skate hire. Although supposedly cheaper than Australia, it's not the best deal I've seen, but considering it was in a shopping centre full of brands (Even Alexander McQueen!), it's not surprising.
I also find it remarkable that you can pay in certain shops via Octopus card! And it's so easy to top up, and it's instant as well. One more great thing is that you can refund the extra cash on your card, which makes it great for tourists, who may have some money left on it when they leave.
Lucky for us, we were skating late at night, and thus, a lot of people left, leaving a total of about 7 people in the rink, including us. That meant a lot of crazy things and fast backward skating without the fear of bumping into other people. Yesss.
However I fell over twice. Once caught on camera, too (which I will surely regret).
With a bit more time to spare after ice-skating, we went to Macca's (McDonalds, to non-Australians) and snacked on some McBites. Eyyy Macca's run!
A quick stop-over at 7-eleven also produced two packets of green tea pocky, and two drumsticks (green tea and hazelnut flavour), before we said goodbye to VA and headed back up to our apartment for the close of the day.


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