Thailand for a week; an update

I've been in Thailand for just over a week now, and it has been a whirlwind. There is no photo that can accurately depict the vast occurrences that have hit me in the last seven days; I don't think my words will ever do it justice.

So instead, here's a picture of me with a monkey.

Meeting individuals far and different to us
Taken on Monkey Hill in Phuket Town; I believe she was pregnant(?)
Taken by my friend, RF
I've seen things I didn't think I'd ever see; beautiful landscapes, Thai culture, and bustling nightlife. The past week has been one, long, journey of exponential growth as my friends and I become accustomed to being in a foreign country with nothing but some money and our wits about us (though, both are perhaps running low in supply).

Our limited phrases of Thai are, well, limited. Despite so, we've been plunging head-first into as much Thai culture as we can. Free-lancing around, seeing where things take us, and trouble-shooting the many problems that we've encountered. We've had to be flexible, and deal with each other for the last week, and it's been incredible, to say the least. Every day we're amazed, thankful, and surprised that we still have both our kidneys inside of us, haven't found ourselves insanely lost, and are still not sick of each other (yet).

Our trip in Thailand is coming to an end, and it has been great. I've been writing in my travel journal far more than I thought I would, simply because there's just so much to say and so much to write. Travelling away from home always makes you realise a bit more about yourself, and also how beautiful home is (which I am starting to miss, just a little bit). Sometimes I think about how beautiful our little quaint home of Sydney actually is.

From wild monkeys to an island full of cats, from genuine Thai food (they spoke no English) to 4am Maccas (McDonald's) at the airport, from partying European tourists to kind local Thai people, from the quaint streets of Old Phuket Town to the bustling and booming red-light district of Bangla Road, I've seen far more than I bargained for. It's been exhausting, but exhilarating at the same time. And also an overdose of exciting

There's so much more I could say right now, but I've got to pack, grab breakfast at the local markets, and then check-out, catch a bus to the airport, and fly to another Thai city. Much more to continue!

La gorn ka, jer gun! ลา – ก่อน ครับ! (goodbye, see you!)



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