A Child's View

The other day I strapped a GoPro to my brother's head for a day whilst we visited Vivid Sydney, 2015.

First time I'd done anything like that, so it was a bit of change and challenge, but I'm super glad about how the video ended up turning out! It worked a lot better than expected, to be completely honest.

Though the ISO was a bit hard to work with, and I'll admit the strange looks that were thrown our way were a bit hard to ignore at first (much embarrassment) but it was fun! And worth it, I think.

What I found particularly interesting was the fact that as adults (or young adults) we tend to forget what its' like to be a child. I surely don't remember clearly what life was like when I was nine years old. I guess it's a part of growing up, but this was a nice reminder.

The curiosity my brother had (and the silly things he did -- mainly 0:43) was something I didn't expect to be able to catch on tape, but I really got to see the difference between him as a young child and me as a young adult.

Sometimes it makes me wish I still was as young and carefree as him, but it's all a part of growing up!

It was a really fun day overall and much laughter and exploration happened.

I really ought to be studying but I figured I'd edit this video anyway. Enjoy!!

Not sure when the next post will be; exams are upcoming and incoming, and then I'm off on a holiday! Take care, y'all.


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