International Biology Olympiad pt 1

So, we arrive at Ayodya Resort and spend the first night there.

Next morning is the official registration, so our team head off and sign up, etc.
Then we go around searching for some other IBO teams. First team we spot is Team USA, so we manage to introduce ourselves by holding up the Campbell textbook.

Also met various other countries, including Mexico and Russia (off the top of my head)

Since we had plenty of time to kill, we headed down to the beach and chilled around for a bit.
It was a really nice private beach, owned by Ayodya, and I can tell you that the night before, we actually found some really cool glowing shells (?) on the beach, which are only visible at night.
I will admit, however, that I think Australian beaches are nicer ;)

Rest of the first day was really just introducing ourselves to a lot of other teams.

Specifically went out to meet the New Zealand team, since we were rooming with them and they're kind of like our brother-nation :')

Also met the various English-speaking countries, i.e., United Kingdom, Canada, and various other European countries too. There was a lot of joking around about the Belgium VS Argentina soccer match.

We also headed down to the hotel pool and chilled around a bit :') It was so great to get to know everyone.

Stayed up late into the night till like 11pm just talking to other country delegates as they arrived.

Next day! Opening ceremony! I still remember it. For some reason my camera deleted a lot of the photos, so I don't have one :(
Even managed to delete the one of all the English-only speaking countries together :'( Pretty mad that I somehow managed to delete them...

It was nice and official though (the ceremony), and pretty good :') The food was nice too! 

Also got a lot of souvenirs, and nice little snacks that people brought from all over the world
I forgot which country this was from... But I got a really nice peanut butter snack from some country (I wish I had better memory...) which tasted so good
Then we had ice-breaking which was heaps fun too.

Group 1, i.e., Bis Satu (bus 1) consisted of Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium and Belarus :') It was great getting to know them, and I swear some of the people in these countries are absolutely amazing people to spend time with. Some of my closest friends that I made on this trip were from here :')

Activity: Make the longest line of things. We managed to get 370 something steps? Still didn't win though :(
Even laid out things like strips of paper, shoelaces, money (!!!), souvenirs, socks, etc.
Also something neat was that we got these daily newsletters!
They were really cute and it was fun trying to spot ourselves mentioned in them.

There was this section called TFTF where you could write anonymous messages in :P
Practical exams came up, which were pretty hard and delayed, but talking about exams isn't entertaining so let's skip it.

Bali Safari was next! Enjoyed the day a lot, and although most of the animals I had seen before in Australian zoos, it was fun none-the-less.

I bought a nice little cute Bird of Paradise back-pack, only because it was on the logo for IBO 2014 Bali, and also because it was pretty cheap (for my standards).

Managed to take some cool photos with some animals, too!
Not sure what it is, but the animal is called Binturong. Got to have it placed on our shoulder as we posed for a photo :)
Then we watched some really nice elephant show, describing the conflict and relationship between elephants and humans.

Just had some time to walk around and explore the place in general. Bali Safari and Marine Park <3

The theme music will forever be stuck in my head. It's so catchy HAHA (and somewhat annoying, after a while). I find myself humming it every so often.

The signs were really entertaining in the petting zoo area :P Made me laugh.
 After that day, we had the grueling theory exam, and I can tell you that the next few days were full on partying. Living the high life by having food parties every night with a couple of teams :')

Just chilling, chatting, laughing and eating. Those were the good times.
After math of food party (pood farty) number 1
We called them 'pood farties' because a friend, JH, accidentally said that instead of 'food party'. All we did was leg it over to Circle K (which is basically like 7-11) and then stashed up on food, which we promptly brought back to the hotel and then consumed in a room until late at night.

Obviously, we didn't sleep much.

The next day we met up with the jury back at Ayodya and just chilled around. There wasn't much that we did that day. After the exams were over it was more just relaxing and having fun, and enjoying the last few days of the IBO.

Such official :O
 Annnnnd that's all I have time for right now. Part 2 of the post will come soon :)


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