So, yesterday, my family and I went down to Canberra (on a three hour drive), which was a nice getaway.

At the city centre!

On our trip down to Canberra, my brother and I went to Questacon because
1. He loves it.
2. I still love it.
3. We had time to spare
4. There really isn't anything else to do in Canberra

Squinty eyes because sunlight.
Loved the atmosphere of the place, and the little things they had just outside for kids to play with, like this wooden massive xylophone.

And all these mirrors everywhere provided endless entertainment.
And then we were greeted with this lovely message.
It's not just an error, it's a catastrophic failure
It was a really great day and enjoyed it heaps. Since we went on a weekday, it meant for the most of the time, there were very few people there (although, there were two school-groups, but we just avoided them by going to another floor), which meant we had the entire place to ourselves, which was nice.

My brother enjoyed it a lot, and the main reason we went there was because my brother got sick last time he went to Questacon, so he didn't get the opportunity to enjoy it. But this time he did :)

Testing reaction time. Spent a good, long time on this too (even me).
Not trying to brag, but I got 29 hits in 30 seconds.

Who knew fabric would ever be so fun.

hehe it's the periodic table.
Also I questioned the presence of a sample of radium and other radioactive samples in the table.

Much photo spam.

Tornadoes! Or cyclones, since I'm Australian.

 Many GoPro selfies were taken,

Also went to a short Insect show. Because there were so little people on weekdays, there were literally four people who attended this show. Including my brother and myself. But I suppose that meant we got to touch the insects for longer.

Almost didn't get enough time for the day, since I had to leave at 4:30PM to get ready for something else. Ended up changing in the Questacon bathrooms; classy, I know.

Also bought a lot of things at the shop (for various people and teachers), and also picked up the following for myself (and brother) :')

Malarial parasite (Plasmodium falciparum) that I bought in commemoration of HSC biology.
Malaria I will never forget you.

And, my brother wanted Penicillin. It was the only 'good' microbe in the entire stack, and he insisted on purchasing it the minute I mentioned that it killed bacteria.
"So then if I buy this toy, maybe my body will fight off germs better!!" I believe was his logic.
I've always wanted these microbe plushies ever since I can remember, but I'd never had such a big passion for biology to convince myself to overcome the hefty price tag (they're not THAT expensive; $12.95 each, but none-the-less, they're not very affordable, considering their size). But I suppose IBO and this entire journey has changed me and now I'm an absolute sucker for anything biology related.

Anyway, it was a really great day out, and despite being almost 18, I still enjoyed the day completely. Questacon was the place I loved when I was younger, and really spurred my love for science. It was legitimately like a wonderland for me and I always wanted to go there, but unfortunately the times that I actually found myself in Canberra were rare when I was younger (mostly being ski trips or the Year 6 Canberra field trip). But hey, I still love science.

But yeah, was a super fun day out and a nice way to relax and do something after HSC!

Here's a short video I made from various footage that I took on the day.


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