Macarons (Yet again)

With a full push of exams and hard work coming up in the next few months (oh god), I figured I might as well give it one last shot making macarons.

To be completely honest, they weren't really /fantastic/ LOL (far from it, in fact), but I learned a lot and had a lot of fun with my cousin.

Also, had a shot at using chocolate to decorate, and marshmallows as the filling, so this round of macarons was really just a bunch of fun experimentation.

Eh, well, even if they don't look fantastic, they're still edible and made from cold sweat and tears, so it's the thought that counts.

May or may not be able to update much in the next few weeks...

Definitely will soon though, but no guarantees just yet.

Going to Canberra next week (woo!) and I think I'll be visiting a couple of exciting places! Then ~4 weeks and I'll be heading off overseas for a couple of weeks, so that'll bring heaps of photo opportunities, I'm sure.

Here's to the future.


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