One thing I adore most about Australia is how easy it is to escape from the city-life and take a breather out near the countryside. There's something truly captivating about driving along the high-ways at 110km/hr, singing to classic Country Radio with friends on a three-hour drive, and then to rock up at a relaxing sight like this:

In celebration of post-exams, a few of us headed down South to Goulburn to stay at a farm (shout-out and thanks to EL), which proved to be just the kick-back that we needed.

Although most of the two days were spent doing nothing in particular -- watching sunsets, skipping throwing rocks, laughing at each other, and card-games... and visiting Antique stores -- somehow it never got boring at all.

Sunset on the first day was gorgeous
I think one of the biggest allures of going out rural is being able to get away from the cluster and hustle of the city-life. To be honest, though I do like city-life for several reasons, there's nothing that can quite replicate what it's like to just light a woodfire and spend the nights singing and staring at the stars.

Welcoming fire at the farm, on our arrival.

I didn't manage to take a photo because I didn't have my tripod with me, but the stars were spectacular. Though, in saying so, there was still a substantial amount of light-pollution coming from the town of Goulburn, but compare it to what I see back in Sydney and this seemed like Christmas Lights. I felt like I could stay there forever -- craning my neck till my muscles grew sore -- taking in the sights and expanse of the night sky. Big shout-out to Carl Sagan, my man.

And, not to mention finally growing some independence and managing our own meals. Thankfully, I had seven other friends, many of whom knew more than I about how to sustain ourselves and avoid starvation or nutrient-deficiency during our stay. I'm proud to say we managed to eat veggies and fruit, and good serves of our macronutrients (and also stayed hydrated!!). Mum, are you proud???


Though, I must admit, we spent far too long at the groceries. Not surprising -- when you place eight young adults who are still learning to grasp the straws of life in a grocery store, they're bound to get distracted and indecisive ("Red or white sauce? Should we get chocolate chip cookies? A bag of basil or a pot plant of basil? How much cheese? Shredded or sliced? Tasty or pizza-cheese? Pretzels? Who wants pretzels? What's the cheapest tuna can? Do we even need to eat???")

Picnic on the second day.
And sometimes all you end up doing is driving, finding a random place to stop at, and having a picnic among a swarm of mosquitoes. Yum.

Many minutes were spent skipping rocks.

That erosion, though.
And sometimes you mishear your friends, and are genuinely convinced that we're going to go see the 'Big Burrito' instead of the 'Big Merino'. Nonetheless, much fun is had.

Who wore it better?
And I guess, altogether, though you may not have done much in particular, the best thing about trips like this is that you do it with people who make you happy, laugh, and enjoy their company. There's nothing that can really quite replicate cruising along a country-road with cows streaming past, listening to the laughter of your friends and watching the sunbeams shine over the fields.

Here's a video: 


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