Mid-Autumn Festival @ Cabramatta

In celebration for the mid-autumn festival for 2016 (aka Moon Festival), a few friends and I decided to check out the Cabramatta Moon Festival that was ongoing at the time.

I vaguely remember coming once or twice in my past with the family, but this was the first time I'd gone in a while (and with a camera).

Although the streets were crowded (awfully crowded) and there wasn't much to do (We were a bit old for the theme park rides. And let's just say that I'm not sure if my stomach would have handled it well), the best thing of the entire event was just laughing and enjoying the night with some friends.

It's often difficult to see each other; people are all over the place (some of us practically on the other side of the country) and different Universities. Timetables clash, we all have busy lives, and it's hard to meet up.

But, you make the trek and you set aside the time, because at the end of the day, that's what time is for!

Most of the time at the Festival was filled with eating on various foods.

Infamous jerky (which was actually quite nice!)
And just snooping around in the niche markets here and there. It was really reminiscent of a theme park, just with an Asian twist placed on it.

Wow. What more can I say?!
I caught the shopkeeper taking a photo of me taking a photo of the melon. I then promptly took a photo of her taking a photo of me.
And! Also discovered the wonder and beauty that is Dippin' Dots. Whoever invented this, thank you. I'm definitely buying these whenever I see them (too bad they're such a rarity to come across).

Fairy floss, watermelon, rainbow, and strawberry (starting from the left-most, in a clockwise direction)

The fireworks were... interesting. I say that because we located ourselves exactly smack-bang in the middle of the two firework shows, so we found our neck muscles being worked constantly as we tried to follow both shows (look over to the left-- oh wait right-- left-- no the right is real good-- oh but left).

And also a giant banner, tree, and pole happened to intercept our view.

But, they were still spectacular shows, of the 60% that we did manage to see! Good jokes and laughs were had, and that was probably what I loved most about the night.

The night itself was a bit of a let-down, though I appreciated the atmosphere and culture. The best part of the night was catching up with friends (we also sat down at Meet Fresh and had a meal together, as well as dinner at Pappa Rich before this entire adventure-- also where we had a massive discussion about 'two half boiled eggs'... Is that one hard-boiled egg cut in half?! Or two soft-boiled eggs?!). That was the highlight of the night, and it made memories that are irreplaceable.

Either way, before I finish off, life has been busy. It has been incredibly hectic and I can hardly find time to look left and right before I cross the road (Just kidding kids, always do that. And always stay hydrated!) Life has swept me away but I'm going with the flow. Posts will come, because there is much posting to do (and a lot more editing -- I have footage from December 2014 sitting on this computer collecting cyber-dust, not to mention also Kangaroo Island videos)... All in good time.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves! For those on mid-sem break, enjoy it whilst it lasts. Remember, we're at the final stretch! Almost at the end, so chins up and deep breath.

Take care.



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